August 3rd 8:32am

Keri’s New Piece…

Some pics of Keri and her boyfriend Errol of 2 years have surfaced. Catch more of Keri and her Bahama Breeze of a mandingo after the jump.

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August 3rd 8:30am

End of Days: Sherri Shepherd is Going to Wear a Bathing Suit on TV

After what seems to be a few grueling weeks of dieting and working out,  The View host, Sherri Shepherd, is set to show off her new body on TV in a bathing suit.

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August 3rd 8:27am

Certified Links

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Considers Moving After Death Threats (GO) Illinois Sues Wells Fargo for Discrimination (GO) Black Workers Yell Racism at Philly Transfer Station (GO) Drake Speaks Out On His Injuries (GO) J. Money Switches His Name To J. Futuristic For National Debut (GO) Rick Ross Not Allowed To Perform In Bermuda (GO)

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August 3rd 8:26am

Coonery of the Day: The Future of Hip Hop is Watermelon

Nick Cannon and Nas have come together for a P.S.A. for Hip Hop. They figured this was the only way that anyone would listen. This is Officially Coonery of the Day… SMH Flip the Lid for the Video

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August 3rd 8:25am

Does Jennifer Lopez Still Have Yeast In Her Cake?

J-Lo has been trying to hide that bubble lately, maybe because it’s a bit wrinkled up, or maybe because it’s flattened. Whatever the reason is, she decided to bust it out while overseas with the family. Never mind the suspect looking picture of Skeletor up top…pop the hood to see J-Lo’s cakes in a kini’

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August 3rd 8:19am

Gary Dourdan Hits Up Ibiza Again…He Leaves The Speedo at Home This Time Though

Remember last year when Gary Dourdan hit the beaches in Ibiza with the bubble gut and thunder thighs above?? Well, he is back at it this year…pop it to see

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August 3rd 8:10am

Chris Rock Wants to Know Your Definition of “Good Hair”

Chris Rock’s daughter asked him, “Daddy, how come I don’t have Good Hair?” This one little sentence popped off a whole documentary about black women and their hair. If your hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed. If your hair is nappy then they’re not happy. Pop it For the Video

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August 3rd 8:08am

Amber Rose to Star in Kanye’s Next Video

The other night when Amber Rose was backstage at the Young Money Tour, MTV caught up with her for a hot sec to see what she has been up too, besides kissing on C. Breezy and s*cking Kanye

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August 3rd 8:07am

Seen on the Scene: Meagan Good Looking Good

Meagan Good was spotted on the streets of Hollyweird this weekend…LOL at ole boy in the background. Slow news today so be sure to pop to hatch to see more of Meagan…

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August 3rd 8:06am

Chilli is Looking Light and Breezy…

Chilli and Samuel L. Jackson were seen real cozy at the NBAF Midsummer Gala: Brazilian Cool event in Atlanta this weekend. Chilli looks like an old soul that would like older men, hmmm… Pop it for more with Victoria Rowell.

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August 3rd 8:05am

Obama Administration to Raise Taxes on Middle Class?

It is no secret President Barack Obama inherited an economy awash with debt and messy internal affairs and, of course, he’ll have to make some radical moves to revamp the infrastructure. But the question is: at whose expense? In his early campaign days, he made grandiose promises of change and a rebirth of the middle…

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August 3rd 8:04am

Taye Taye and His Knocked Up Wife Hit the Streets of Hollyweird

Everyone’s favorite actor Taye Diggs and his pregnant wife Idina Menzel hold hands and share a laugh while their little swirly baby is cooking in the oven. If you’re curious as to how Taye’s wife looks pregnant, check up under the hood….

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August 3rd 8:03am

The Cougar Turns 45… GRRRRRRRR

Vivica Fox came out the lair and had her 45th birthday party this past weekend and still single from what we see. She did have a couple of prospects at the party but they didn’t look too willing. Pop the Top

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August 3rd 8:01am

Reading is Fundamental so Oprah is Giving Away a Free Book!

Oprah is setting trends by offering a free book download to all members that start today.

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August 3rd 8:00am

The Family That Swirls Together…

Why is this white lady screw facing like that? The party was in the Hamptons, the lady is young and really pale, and the kid posing is “fabulous.” Those hints should help you out. Pop it to see if you got it correct.

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