September 2nd 6:22am

T.I. And Tiny Popped For Posession Of A Controlled Substance!

Damn! T.I. just can’t seem to stay outta trouble. It seems like the only thing that changed since he got outta the bing is that he has someone to go to jail WITH him this time. Mrs. Ride and Mr. Die are in trouble with the law.

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September 2nd 4:03am

Beyonce: My Daddy May Have Cheated On My Mom But Still Remains The H.N.I.C. Of My Career

Even though band mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have kicked manager Mathew Knowles to the curb that has not influenced Beyonce’s decision to switch management. Yesterday, Mathew Knowles decided to make it clear that his loving daughter that keeps his pockets on deck isn’t going anywhere.

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September 2nd 3:38am

Soulja Boy’s New Book: I Want Everyone To Be Rich Like Me, So I Give Step By Step Details!!!

Soulja Boy’s new book about his rise to fame, fortune and Kat Stack type b*tches has finally hit the book stores. “Teenage Millionaire” is set to release in conjunction with Soulja Boy’s new album.

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September 2nd 2:53am

President Barack Obama Is A What?!??

On the cover of the most recent issue of Newsweek, they have taken all the recent headlines targeted at President Obama and have listed them on the cover. Now, some may say that this cover is completely rude and utterly ridiculous

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September 1st 11:10pm

SMH: California Man Holds Girlfriend Captive And Tortures Her Over FACEBOOK Post!

We’ve heard of jealous possessive boyfriends but this one takes the cake. Police arrested a California man for holding his girlfriend hostage for several days, forcing her to call out of work sick while he beat and tortured her over a Facebook message from another man!!!

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September 1st 4:20pm

Dr. Dre And HP Unveil New Laptop

He has not dropped an album in over a decade but legendary beat maker Dr. Dre continues to co-sign high priced gizmos.

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September 1st 4:08pm

Afternoon Linkage

Queen Latifah To Be Honored At 2010 ADCOLOR Awards (GO) Burger King’s Marketing Plan Bad For Diversity? (GO) Men Sue NYPD For $5 Million After Baton Attack (GO) Paris Hilton Banned From Vegas Clubs (GO) B.O.B. To Open For Jay-Z And Eminem (GO) Tim Gunn Is Calling Out B*tches Left & Right In His New…

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September 1st 4:06pm

Random Ridiculousness: Crazy “Human Hater” James Jay Lee Infiltrates Discovery TV Network Armed With Heat And Explosives

SMH: A gunman with a possible explosive device strapped to himself entered the Discovery Communications building in Silver Spring, Md., Wednesday afternoon and was holding a “small number” of hostages, police said.

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September 1st 3:32pm

Top 10 Hip-Hop Love Songs

We’re big hip-hop heads over at BOSSIP and we feel the genre has gotten kind of a bad rap for being “too negative” so we decided to look back at some of our favorite hip-hop songs about… you guessed it! L-O-V-E. Count them down with us and feel free to add your own lists in…

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September 1st 2:01pm

Dear Bossip: Why Hasn’t He Called Me?

Dear Bossip, my issue is not quite as long or dramatic as the others I’ve read in recent weeks and I can appreciate your diplomacy when you respond. Hopefully my situation won’t require too much of your attention. I met this guy at a networking event for work

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September 1st 1:20pm

To Whom Does This Cheeky Cherub Belong?

Gotta love a kid with chubby cheeks, but this little girl looks like she never backs down from a fight. Maybe her dad had a hand in that??? Can you guess who fathered this lil munchkin? This should be easy

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September 1st 12:44pm

Michael Jordan’s Underage Son Wilds Out In Las Vegas, Casino Under Investigation

Apparently gambling runs in the family as Michael Jordan’s son Marcus is bringing some unwanted heat to MGM Resorts International.

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