November 4th 9:42am

These Two Again… Publicity Stunt or True Love

Teairra Mari and Bow Wow have been spotted coupled up at the Hawks game and Halloween parties in the A, leading us to wonder if they are really into each other or just checking for some much needed camera time.  Check out the details on the flipside.

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November 4th 9:41am

Vivica Almost Got it Right… If Only She Ditched that Awful Jacket

Vivica Fox was on deck for the Gillette Fusion Men of Style Awards at the 40 / 40 Club in NYC last night and she almost got her look right.  Vivica’s face actually looked normal and her hair was on point.  Flip the Lid for Fonzworth Bentley & Others

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November 4th 8:44am

F*ck A Thug: Los Angeles Family Terrorized By College Prospect… Turned Thug!

Los Angeles is boiling with high school athletes that could have been and should have been success stories. The young man pictured up top, Tyquan Knox, is a perfect example of how his demise and ignorance doesn’t only affect himself, but the community that surrounds him as well: Tyquan Knox was once a top prospect…

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November 3rd 3:27pm

*We Broke it Here First** You’ll Never Guess Who Trey Songz is Chopping Down Now

Looks like Trey not only invented sex, but he is re-inventing it with a rapper’s ex-girl who is known in the industry for her tasty cakes.  Can you guess who it is?

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November 3rd 11:55am

*Bossip Exclusive Scoop* Charlamagne tells Bossip the Reason he was Fired was Because of “J”

Right after we heard the news about Charlamagne being canned, we hit him up for the scoop and to find out why he feels he was fired: BOSSIP: Man, that Camel pulled a fast one on you, didn’t he? What got you fired…the “J” word, Beans, or Hova straight up making a call? Charlamagne: Bra,…

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November 3rd 11:45am

New Rihanna Undercover Photoshoot, Finally Opening Up About the Breezy Situation, And New Jawn Featuring Jeezy… “HARD”

We have pictures of  RiRi on location for her shoot with Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year December covers. RiRi finally speaks out on her domestic abuse situation to Glamour, and had a new song leaked called “HARD” featuring Jeezy. Flip the Lid to Look and Listen

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November 3rd 11:43am

For Discussion: Companies Using Death to Market their Product

Everyone is in the market to make money the best way that they can, but is it okay for a company to satire death? Some people feel that Direct TV is taking it too far… What do you think???

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November 3rd 11:40am

HipHopWired: Beanie Sigel and Former Jay-Z Associates Want a “Father Figure”- Desperation, Ignorance, and Hate Behind Comments Against Jay-Z

“Beans, I ain’t trying to change you, just give you some game/ To make the transition, from the street to the fame” Jay-Z- “Momma Loves Me” Our brother site, HipHopWired, just came out with an interesting op-ed editorial about the Camel and Beanie Sigel controversy.more

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November 3rd 11:35am

End of Days: 11 Year Old Girl Becomes World’s Youngest Mother

Kordeza Zhelyazkova, an 11 year old girl from Bulgaria, just gave birth to her daughter, making her the world’s youngest mother. Flip the hood for more on this rare story.

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November 3rd 11:30am

Look At This Mess…

It’s your BFF, Rupaul. The big cross-dresser came out for Jimmy Choo for H&M in West Hollyweird last night. Rashida Jones, Garcelle “can’t get enough paparazzi” Beauvais, M.I.A. and more under the hood.

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November 3rd 11:25am

Making it Rain on These Hoes: Black Woman Named Highest Paid College President

The top paid President of an institution of higher learning is a Black woman. Continue..

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November 3rd 11:23am

Poor Thang: Nas is NOT Trying to Break Kelis Off Over 72K a Month in Spousal Support

Damn, Nasir is not trying to support this broad in no way, shape, or fashion.

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November 3rd 11:20am

Keep the Party Goin With Hennessy Premium Liquors

We here at Bossip know a thing or two about Henny.  Whether it be with coke or the way we prefer it (straight up), Hennessy is a smooth and sultry cognac for the mature individual who enjoys the finest in premium liquor. Pop the top to read more and to take a poll to let…

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November 3rd 11:18am

In White Folks News: Lady Gaga and Her Weirdo Cakes Are Breaking Records

Special character, Lady Gaga’s debut album “The Fame” is making music history.

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November 3rd 11:17am

Certified Links

50 Cent Sheds A Tear for Triple Cs First Week Sales (GO) Don’t Make Mischa Barton Start Bringing Her Gat to the Club Again (GO) Pimp C’s Solo Project Still In The Works, Album Cover Revealed (GO) Wale Gives “Shades” in the Industry (GO) Vibe Magazine To Return With Drake and Chris Brown (GO)

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