August 7th 11:56am

Woman Arrested For Receiving Stolen Beer From Warehouse Shooter

We told y’all about the man who went on a killing spree after claiming his co-workers at a beer warehouse were racists. Well, now the police are on the hunt for anyone who received stolen beer from him.

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August 7th 10:56am

Jay-Z To Release Book Of Memoirs Entitled “Decoded”

Jay-Z will be releasing his first book entitled “Decoded” on November 16th.

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August 7th 10:43am

Rush Limbaugh Says Michelle Obama Gets A Taste of American Wealth Because Of White Guilt Over Slavery

The fat pink political piglet, Rush Limbaugh, is at it again. This time, he’s attacking Michelle Obama. According to him, the Media hasn’t expressed outrage over her recent vacation to Spain because she’s black and white people are guilty about their sordid “slave past.”Rush Limbaugh said Friday that the media is allowing Michelle Obama to…

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August 7th 10:37am

Eminem On Brittany Murphy’s Death And His Near Overdose “It Creeps Me The Fu*k Out”

Eminem and Dr. Dre will also cover VIBE’s August/September Juice issues, the same issue that features Diddy and his team on the alternate cover. Keep reading for excerpts of VIBE’s interview with Em

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August 6th 8:10pm

White CEO Of HP Quits And Gets 50M After Sexual Harassment Claim And Lying About Expense Reports: What Would A “Brother” Get?

Another day, another shady CEO resigns from a huge corporation: Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd unexpectedly resigned on Friday after a sexual harassment probe found he had a “close personal relationship” with an HP contractor who received improper payments.

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August 6th 7:55pm

Wyclef Jean: Tell Sean Penn To Come See Me… He’s Been In Haiti For 6 Months, I’ve Been Going For 5 Years!!!

Since Wyclef Jean announced that he is running for President in Haiti, it is starting to cause a bit of controversy. Sean Penn, who has been working at the refugee camps in Haiti for the past six months, says “The reason I don’t know much about Wyclef Jean is because I haven’t heard or seen…

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August 6th 6:54pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

How Could You and Why Would You are the two questions that come to mind when we see this picture. Our boy Freddy-O is always capturing the most craziest moments with his camera. Does this chick not have any friends???

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August 6th 6:23pm

BOSSIP Meets The Director And Cast Of ‘Step Up 3D’

Earlier this week BOSSIP met up with the director and cast of Step Up 3D just in time for the film’s premiere. We got a chance to see an exclusive early screening of the film and get to know the actors and dancers a little bit. Check out our interviews below:

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August 6th 6:03pm

BOSSIP Tweets It Up With Kim Kardashian About Dating, Being A Role Model And Montana Fishburne!

Bossip had an exclusive Twitterview with Kim Kardashian yesterday.

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August 6th 5:29pm

Dawn Richards Drops The Cheerleading Act And Diddy Lets Her Shine With New Jawn “Bottles” Ft. Trina

This is the moment that we and probably Dawn Richards, herself, has been waiting for… “Bottles” featuring Trina is Dawn’s New Jawn!!! After umpteen seasons of Making the Band and playing back up to Diddy, Dawn’s may have found her own voice… Tell Us What You Think:

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August 6th 5:09pm

Actress Maia Campbell Arrested

Former actress Maia Campbell who starred alongside LL Cool J in the sitcom “In The House” has reportedly been arrested in California.

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August 6th 4:53pm

Flo Rida Speaks On Contributing To “Step Up 3D” Soundtrack, Says Lil Wayne Will Be On His Next Album

BOSSIP had the opportunity to sit down with Flo Rida earlier this week and chop it up about his current single “Club Can’t Handle Me,” which is the first single off the “Step Up 3D” film which hits theatres today. We also asked Flo about his upcoming album The Only One his current status with…

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August 6th 3:57pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Rihanna Is A Talented Performer (GO) Ne-Yo Says He Wore Hats To Hide Hair Loss (GO) Drake’s Stripper Jawn Maliah In AsIs Mag (GO) Noreaga Talks New Solo Album “Nutcracker” and Montana Fishburne (GO) Would You Allow Your Man To Cheat? (GO) Megan Fox Is an ‘All Right’ Kisser, Says Eminem Video Co-Star (GO) Shyne…

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August 6th 3:45pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here is Shiloh, Angelina and Brad’s 4 year-old daughter swimming with siblings. Something is a little weird about this pic, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. Perhaps you can help us out. What Is Wrong With This Picture??? Source

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