September 30th 8:25am

The Pitbull in a Skirt is So Hollyweird

We don’t know who’s worse, Ciara or E-V-E on this Hollyweird BS. Here is Eve kickin’ it at the “Whip It” movie premiere party in LA. More pics including Serena Williams when you…

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September 30th 8:20am

Diddy Moves On… And We Ain’t Talkin Bout Cassie…

Diddy is moving his Bad Boy Record slaveship label from Warner Music Group to Interscope Records and is on the prowl for more talent to suck dry. Flip the Hood for More Details…

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September 30th 8:10am

The Swirl Got Her: Amy Winehouse Tries to Rap

Pop the top and see a video that makes you believe Mandingo’s love has gotten a hold of Amy, tightly.

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September 30th 7:30am

Tupac Lost Interview Part 5: On the Phone With Big Suge… “Send My Little Homie Home!”

Another piece of the lost Pac tapes has surfaced and this one features a full on convo with Tupac and Suge Knight. We don’t quite know what to make out of this one… Click Here to Watch

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September 30th 7:15am

New Brandy Featuring Ne-Yo

Brandy and Ne-Yo have collaborated on a new song called “Goodnight, Good Morning.” Pop the top and peep

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September 30th 7:00am

A “Lil Positivity”: Blair Underwood Opens Health Center In AIDS Epicenter

Washington D.C. has been known as the nation’s Aids/HIV “epicenter” for years, but now, that may be about to change. Coming to the beleaguered territory’s rescue is award winning-actor Blair Underwood, staunch AIDS fighter and activist, whom has decided to lend his name and image to a free treatment clinic. Continue…

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September 29th 1:30pm

Nas’ Message to The Youth Regarding Chicago Teen Beaten and Killed

Nas has hit the blogs regarding the 16 year-old honor student that was beaten and killed. The youth really should take heed to this message:

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September 29th 1:20pm

Are You Feelin Amber Rose’s New… Lip Piercing??

Kanye West and Amber Rose are at the Milan Fashion Week. Amber decided to unveil her latest attention whoring asset… a lip piercing. You cannot see it from the picture up top, but we have some close ups underneath the turf. Pop it and look

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September 29th 1:10pm

Al Sharpton is Choppin’ Down Lisa Raye and Hits Up WWE Wrestling RAW … GTFOH

Al Sharpton was the guest host on WWE Raw last night and was also seen on the scene holding onto Lisa Raye tighter than a rat-tail comb. Pop the hood for the details.

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September 29th 1:05pm

Barbie Goes Ethnic…Mattel Introduces New Line Of Black Dolls

Mattel announced today their introduction of new Black Barbie dolls. The new dolls have fuller lips, a wider nose, more distinct cheekbones and curlier hair. Continue…

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September 29th 1:00pm

You’ll Never Guess Who Lil Wayne’s New Piece is…

Bossip has learned that Weezy is continuing his mission to fu*k every girl in the world and has since moved on from Nivea and Lauren to a new side piece. Flip the Hood to Find out More.

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September 29th 12:59pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Cleveland Mayor Brewer Responds to Drag Queen Pictures

According to HipHopWired, East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer has responded to leaked racy pictures of him dressed in drag and Jimmy Choo’s. YOU will not believe the pictures under the hood.

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September 29th 12:55pm

NeNe is Off the Joneses and Trying to Keep Up with the Skinny Chicks.

“Man Hands” NeNe was caught shopping at Intermix in L.A. She claims she’s a size 8 and grant it, Intermix caters to anyone that wears a size nothing to around a size 10. BUT NeNe’s a$$ is not a size 8… Pop the Hood and You Decide

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September 29th 12:50pm

Oh My These Legs… Good Thing She’s a Betty in the Face

This lady is completely is on point with everything that she does but… these legs, Baby Girl needs to clean them up. Somebody please get the Cocoa Butter. Pop it to See Who These Legs Belong Too

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September 29th 12:40pm

Jesus Take the Wheel: Mother Locked Her Son in a Closet for 4 1/2 Years

Something is really wrong with this chick. LaRhonda McCall had her 14 year old son locked in a closet for the past four and half years. The little boy escaped for the bedroom closet and made his way to the National Guard facility in Oklahoma City. This woman has to be on drugs… SMH Pop…

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