October 16th 9:00am

Christina Milian Featuring The Dream “Supersonic”

We finally hear the real potential of Christina Milian as an R&B singer on this joint… thanks to her hubby. The Dream makes nothing but hits and on this latest production with his wife, C-Mili, the song Supersonic came out as a new lovers anthem. Pop the top and listen to this definite banger

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October 16th 8:45am

Wendy Williams Can’t Book an A-Lister on her Show to Save Her Life

Wendy Williams hasn’t been able to book a valid known celebrity on her daytime talk show as of yet.  According to staffers, she’s been turned down by a number of celebs to come on her show.  Flip the hood to find out who.

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October 16th 8:30am

Leona Lewis’ Attacker Taken In For Mental Evaluation…

This is a picture of Leona Lewis after she was smacked in the grill the other day by a nutty fan. Turns out, he is crazier than what we first believed: Cops say the guy arrested for slapping pop singer Leona Lewis in the face may not be right in the head. Officials at Scotland…

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October 15th 5:00pm

SMH: The Actual Usher Call to 911 Because of “Crazy” Tameka

Usher loses all brownie points for this one. This is one of the craziest recordings of the year. We can’t believe “Ush” would make a 911 call over a car being vandalized by his B.M., Crazy Tameka Please pop the top and listen to Usher’s actual 911 call from last month

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October 15th 4:50pm

Surprise, Surprise: Bey Bey Beyonce Doesn’t Write Her Own Songs

Not like everyone and their mama didn’t already know that your girl Bey was just a tad “dishonest,” but we got word from an insider confirming her suspect songwriting claims:

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October 15th 4:40pm

Jesus Take the Wheel: Five Juveniles Arrested for Setting Another Kid On Fire!!

Five children between the ages of 13-15 have been arrested for committing an unthinkable crime: Police have announced the arrest of five juveniles for setting a teen on fire. “Unfortunately, it just doesn’t reflect well on our community or our society,” said Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti. Detectives learned Michael Brewer, 15, had skipped class from…

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October 15th 4:20pm

Taking the “Amber Rose Route” to Stardom: New Pics of Drake’s Little Piece

Drake’s piece is a video model slash rapper slash singer. She’s the girl who did the lead in the Best I Ever Had video. Her name is something like “Shakur,” and she has a new spread in XXL. Pop the top to see his Latin Middle Eastern piece’s cake all on display.

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October 15th 4:10pm

Certified Links

Buju Banton Meets With Gay Rights Activists (GO) “I Swastika Obama” Is Latest In Presidential Disrespect (GO) Gucci Mane Cancels Performance At FAMU (GO) Master P and VH1 Give “No Excuses” (GO) Kid Cudi To Tour With Lady Gaga (GO) The Rape Tunnel: Art Too Far? (GO)

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October 15th 4:05pm

Lil Wayne Gets Mad When Asked About What Was In His Cup: “I Probably Should Pick the Cup Back Up… S*ck My D*ck!”

Lil Wayne was interviewed and asked about the infamous Sizzurp-Cup. He thinks whatever was in the cup is what made him popular. Peep this twisted rationale below

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October 15th 3:10pm

Twitter Files: Cassie Wants Diddy to “Be Honest”

While Diddy is soaking up two girls’ drawers at the same time, dropping albums, and debuting new reality TV shows, Cassie is 10 years deep trying to make her career jump off. Pop the top and peep what Cassie said about Diddy’s lies and take a listen a snippet of her new jawn “Sky Diver”

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October 15th 1:00pm

Random Ridiculousness: Woman Popped for Pulling Hoax and Lying About Winning Lotto

This woman decided to pull a prank and run around Burlington Coat Factory in Ohio lying to everybody. The loony lady was saying she won the Lotto and was going to pay everyone’s tab: A Central Ohio woman created a panic and mess Tuesday after telling everyone in a store that she

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October 15th 12:45pm

J-Lo Still Has Backs For Days!!

When Jennifer Lopez and little Mark Anthony decided to visit some kids at a middle school in D.C., we don’t think the boys knew they were getting a treat to some of the most sought after Rican backs in the business. Pop the top to see what the students saw

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October 15th 12:00pm

Hi Haters: Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize But Hillary is More Popular Amongst the People…

According to a new Gallup Poll, Hillary Clinton is more popular than President Barack Obama. GTFOH

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October 15th 11:30am

Gayle Shuts Down the Oprah Jet Lawsuit ASAP

Gayle has spoken out about the current lawsuit involving Oprah, her daughter and a flight attendant.

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October 15th 10:35am

Daddy Daycare: Diddy Kicks Back with the Twins

Flip the hood to see a video of Diddy with his twins Jesse James and D’Lila Star.

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