Swirly & Proud: 10 Most Racially Ambiguous Celebs

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Hollywood is more colorstruck in 2013 than ever before and that’s tragic. The lighter and more racially-flexible, the better in an industry where ethnically ambiguous actors play Black, white or even Hispanic characters. Whether you disagree or not, it’s our reality in (not quite) post-racial America.

Here are the ten most racially ambiguous celebs in the game. Take a look.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock is a perfect blend of Black Nova Scotian and Samoan who was “Black” in “G.I. Joe 2,” “Other” in “Fast & Furious” and very Samoan in everything else.

Most racially-flexible action star in Hollywood? No question.

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Vin Diesel

The mumbly mulatto is often claimed by the Black community despite being mixed with “a lot of stuff” and never meeting his biological father. We’ll just put him in the “Black, because we said so”-category with Pres. Obama and The Rock.

Mariah Carey

The iconic R&B songbird is the ultimate mixture of everything (Black Venezuelan & Irish) and can pass for white, mixed, light-skinned Black—basically, anything. But to Black folk, she Black. Just light-brighter than most.

Jessica Alba

In “Machete,” she’s a ruthless Mexican immigrations officer.

In “Fantastic Four,” she’s a blonde-haired, blue-eyed white woman with superpowers.

Zoe Saldana

The tragic Blatina is Dominican and Puerto Rican but identifies as Black and somehow doesn’t see race because she’s 100% wacko.

“I literally run away from people that use words like ‘ethnic.’ It’s preposterous! To me there is no such thing as people of color cause in reality people aren’t white. Paper is white. People are pink.”

Uh, OK Zoe.

Paula Patton

Robin Thicke’s swirly Goddess is mixed but usually cast as a Black woman (See: “Jumping The Broom). She’s basically Halle Berry with slightly less talent (if that’s possible).

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    Laz Alonso

    He’s one of the only actors in Hollywood who can be Cuban or Black (or both) depending on the role. Either way, it usually works.

    Rosario Dawson

    The gorgeous actress is Afro-Cuban, Puerto Rican, Native American and Irish in real life but mostly Hispanic in movies. Passable as white? Possible, but unlikely.

    Rashida Jones

    Quincy Jones’ incredibly-talented swirl seed is toasted just enough to qualify for the “Black, because we said so”-category.

    Maya Rudolph

    The daughter of Angel-voiced soulstress Minnie Riperton always plays the hilarious mixed (but possibly Black) women with a white boo (“Away We Go” & “Bridesmaids”) and is probably typecast in Hollywood.

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