Dirtbag Dads: 10 Worst Celebrity Fathers Of All-Time

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Fathers are the backbone of the American family who lead, provide and protect on the daily. Well, most of them who actually acknowledge and love their kids without pretending they don’t exist. The others, sadly, are like the abusive, neglectful or condom-allergic celebrity dads on this list.

Here are the ten worst celebrity fathers of all-time. Take a look.

Karl Malone

You may know him as one of the 50 greatest NBA players ever but he’s also the stone-cold dirtbag who A) denied his three kids during most of his career B) told his own son it was “too late” for a relationship at his High School graduation and C) didn’t see his twins until a popular tabloid broke the story 17-years later.

At 20, he impregnated a 13-year-old and famously fought the $125/week child support payments as an NBA all-star. Of his three kids, two are professional athletes (Cheryl Ford and Demetrius Bell).

Joe Jackson

Poppa Joe assembled one of the greatest music groups of all time and beat molded his youngest son Michael into the greatest entertainer of all-time. Allegedly abusive and cruel, he’s easily the most polarizing celebrity father in music history.

After Michael’s tragic death, he requested that his son’s estate cover living expenses of $26,000/month despite being left off the will.

Matthew Knowles

The low down dirty ex-super manager father guided one of the biggest Pop stars in the world while smashing anything that moved (and fathering secret love children) as a married man. For years, rumors have swirled that he IS, indeed, Kelly Rowland’s father which is actually believable.

In court documents filed in a Texas district court, Knowles was accused of stealing money by his own world-famous daughter and eventually dropped from her management team.

Calvin Murphy

The YOLO-minded NBA Hall of Famer knocked up 9 different women and had 14 illegitimate children before standing trial in 2004 for molesting five of his daughters. Though he was acquitted, the filthy stigma of his reckless off the court behavior lived on.

Antonio Cromartie

The condom-allergic but talented New York Jets corner has ten children with eight women in six states. Yes, in real life, and probably fathered more as you’ve read this. Blow $5 million on cars, jewelry and “friends” with several kids on the way? Why NOT?

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Travis Henry

When asked who “Travis Henry” is, most people probably won’t say former All-Pro running back for the Bills, Titans and Broncos who often shined on the field. Nope, because his 11 children by 10 different women outshined his on-field dominance.

Not only did Henry father his own pee-wee football team, but he never paid child support leading to his ’09 arrest. At one point, after signing a $22.5 million contract, he owed over $170,000 PER CHILD in child support. SMH.

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    Evander Holyfield

    The Champ reportedly owes $327,858.36 in child support for his 12 children by 6 women as of May 2013. If the boxing legend doesn’t pay up soon, his driver’s license could be suspended which explains why he continues to waddle into the ring (and get pounded) at age 50.

    Shawn Kemp

    He WAS known as one of the greatest dunkers in NBA history before we discovered his 11 kids by 9 women. Now he’s just another infamous deadbeat with a tainted legacy.

    Larry Johnson

    Larry “Grandmama” Johnson was famous for dressing up as someone’s gold-toothed meemaw in Converse commercials, dominating the paint as an original Charlotte Hornets icon and fathering 5 kids by 4 women on the low as a filthy baller with women in every city.

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    Michael Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan’s scumbag pops refused to pay child support, pimped his own daughter in the industry and blamed everyone else (including his wife) for destroying their daughter. If anyone is responsible for Lilo’s spiral into dysfunction, it’s him.

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