January 11th 12:05pm

Remember Me???

Remember Shirley Murdock??? Want to see what she’s looking like now??? Pop the hatch to have a gander…

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January 11th 12:03pm

SMH: Former Baller Pleads Guilty To Accidental Shooting

Jayson Williams was a formidable foe on the hardwood; with any luck, he has retained some skills because they will surely be needed where he is going. The Former NBA all-star plead guilty in a New Jersey courtroom...Continue…

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January 11th 11:33am

Random Ridiculousness: Gilbert Arenas Pooped in Teammate’s Shoe???

Gilbert Arenas, aka “Agent Zero,” got a little support this weekend after his indefinite suspension without pay from the Washington Wizards thanks to that little gun incident and Twitter BS. While, it is pretty obvious that there would be fans and teammates backing good ole Gil, this is not the most interesting part of this…

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January 11th 11:30am

Meagan Good Takes Our Advice and Steps her Game Up

Meagan Good finally got the memo and ditched her favorite boots and burnt out get up to attend InStyle & 20th Century Fox Golden Globe nominations in West Hollywood over the weekend. She looks better than we have seen her in a minute. More pics of Mrs. Good once you pop the top.

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January 11th 11:28am

What is Wrong with This Video???

Out of all the things that could possibly be seen in a strip club, we never imagined some sh*zz like this… A STRIPPER PROSTHETIC LEG!!! Everybody always has to get in where they fit in and obviously, this works for this chick. All we can say is SMH!!! Pop the Top for the Video

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January 11th 10:44am

Are You Feelin This Get-Up???

Kelis stepped out in London this weekend looking like she’s not having a problem spending Nas’ checks on some fine fur. We know it’s been extremely brick lately, but damn. PETA is gonna f*ck her up for this fit…SMH. More images on the flippy….

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January 11th 10:39am

Mo’Nique: I am Grateful for All of the Oscar Talk But I Got Sh*zz to Do!!!

In a recent interview, Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels, the director of the movie “Precious”, spoke their thoughts on the Oscar buzz that surrounds the movie and her possibly being nominated for the supporting actress. Mo’Nique made it very clear that Oscar or not, she still has other things to tend too. Mo’Nique: Anytime I’ve been…

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January 11th 9:59am

New Video: Sade Is A Soldier Of Love

Today Sade premiered the Sophie Muller-directed music video for “Soldier of Love,” the lead single from their upcoming album of the same title. Peek Under the Hood for a look at the video.

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January 11th 9:51am

Who Looked More Bangin??? Joy Bryant vs. Mel B

Both Mel B. and Joy Bryant hit up the NBC Universal’s Press Tour Cocktail Party over the weekend.  Joy came with her relaxed steez, while Mel.B put some good sh*t on. We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin???? More flicks of Mel, Joy and others under the hood.

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January 11th 9:49am

Guess The Lil Skanky Backs

These young lil teenage backs are no stranger to skanky-dom. This is an easy one, but for all of you who are just a wee bit slow… Flip the script to find out who it is….

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January 11th 9:48am

Another Day, Another Arrest: Lloyd Banks Detained By Authorities

Reports and further details have come to the surface as G Unit’s Lloyd Banks is now under police custody on assault and robbery charges after an incident that occurred Friday Night. Continue…

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January 11th 9:30am

Put on Blast: New Book Reveals Sarah Palin is Dumb AND Mentally Unstable

Not like this is anything we didn’t already know, but… The gossipy new campaign book that has the political world buzzing portrays Sarah Palin not just as an ignoramus who believed Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 but also as possibly mentally unstable.

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January 11th 9:23am

Fill in the Blank

Lil Kim was on the party scene all weekend in NJ and NYC and was spotted this time at Club Abyss in NJ getting up close and personal with her fans.  Fill in the Blank: Lil Kim looks excited about _________________________________________________. Pop the top for more pics of Kim and the boobies…

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January 11th 9:17am

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Jay Leno and His Chin Get Dropped from NBC

Poor thang: NBC retreated on Sunday from its controversial bid to shake up prime time U.S. television,

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January 11th 9:09am

Trinidad Says Beyonce Can Kiss Its A*s

Not everyone is interested in coughing up unreasonable amounts of stacks to see Bey Bey and her gyrations. Trinidad is not having it:

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