May 20th 9:25am

*Update* BDR’s Girl to Black Women: “B*tches, Get Your Own Man”

Posted by Bossip Staff BDR decided to rep his girl Julie with own Twitter session about her blog post:

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May 20th 9:23am

Coupled Up: Carmelo Anthony and La La Do Date Night with Lakers

Posted by Bossip Staff Carmelo Anthony and La La got their date night on with Lamar Odom and his mystery girl and Derrick Fisher and Candace Fisher at Katsuya in LA. It was wives and girlfriends night so things were pretty tame. Flip the switch for more date night pics

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May 20th 9:21am

Question of The Day: Why Do Black People Have Problems with Kobe????

Posted by Bossip Staff Now that the Lakers and the Nuggets are battling for a spot in the NBA finals, we think it’s a good time to address a lingering question that has been out there. Why do a lot of our people have problems with Kobe?

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May 20th 9:20am

Nas Tells Kelis: “Find Your Own Damn Money”

Posted by Bossip Staff This divorce ish is about to get real dirty between Nas and Kelis. How bad must things be if you’re not willing to help out the soon-to-be mother of your child.

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May 20th 9:15am

Ashanti to Irv Gotti: “Murder Inc Is Old News…I’m Gettin My Paper”

Posted by Bossip Staff Ashanti had a press conference where she was blowing and promoting, The Whiz,  her new play in New York City this summer. Irv dropping  Ashanti is probably the best thing to happen to thicky thickems since cornbread. Flip it over to see her celebrating life off the Inc.

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May 20th 9:10am

Swirl News: Kirstie Alley Wants Her Some Jamie Foxx

Posted by Bossip Staff Jamie Foxx is on Kirstie Alley’s radar and she’s not being shy about it at all. Pop the hood for her chocolate booty call declaration.

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May 20th 9:05am

Who Looks More Suspect, Will or Tyler?

Posted By Bossip Staff What did they catch Will Smith and Tyler Perry talking about to justify those suspect looks on their grills? All of this at the BMI Awards last night..Jada Pinkett was present as was Estelle and Anthony Hamilton, Jordin Sparks, Steph Jones and more Who Looks More Suspect???

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May 20th 9:03am

Reality TV: The Real Plastic Housewives of Beverly Hills

Posted by Bossip Staff We knew they’d make another Real Housewives and we were wondering when they would come to La La Land. Flip the switch for more

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May 20th 9:00am

Spike and Denzel Talk Shop at Lakers Game

Posted by Bossip Staff Denzel Washington and Spike Lee look to be having a blast last night in Los Angeles watching the Lakers beat up on the Nuggets in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Wonder if race baiting Spike is feeling ‘Showtime’ more than the Knicks now? Pop it to see more Denzel…

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May 20th 9:00am

Keyshia Cole’s New S2S Cover…Where is Frankie???

Posted by Bossip Staff The adopted mother of Keyshia Cole is on the cover of S2S next month. This will most definitely drive Frankie to lash out in her usual crackhead fashion. Be careful Yvonne.

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May 20th 8:59am

50 Looks As High As Telephone Wires

Posted by Bossip Staff Bugsy seems to have did a line of coke as thick as your index finger before this picture was taken. One minute Bugsy is taking Ross’ baby moms on shopping spree’s and the next minute he’s walking through a park holding hands with Bette Midler and Gayle King… Pop the top,…

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May 20th 8:58am

Lisa Wu to Public: “Stop Callin’ Us Ghetto…Because Them New York and Jerzey Housewives Are Trash”

Posted by Bossip Staff Lisa Wu Hartwell of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is fighting back against people calling the ATL Housewives…”Ghetto”:

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May 20th 8:56am

Kardashian’s Miami Boutique ‘Dash’ Tagged by Graffiti While Kim K. Poses in Bikini Nearby

Posted by Bossip Staff The Kardashian’s new boutique ‘Dash’ in Miami was vandalized yesterday while Kim K. flashed her fake cakes and pounds of makeup on the beach for some random photo shoot.

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May 20th 8:40am

Kelly Rowland Doing Better Than Ever???

Posted by Bossip Staff Kelly is doing her thing. She has a new show – The Fashion Show, doesn’t have to deal with Matthew Knowles and can actually have her own life without the Beyonce machine. She obviously found the middle ground. Go ‘head Kelly. Pop the top for more of Kelly at Mr. Chows…

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May 20th 8:40am

The Cosby Show Celebrates 25 Years

Posted by Bossip Staff Don’t you miss The Huxtables? We sure do. A show like that is sorely needed again since we barely have anyone representin’ us right these days. Pop the hood for more

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