August 29th 4:24pm

Now That We Think About It…Chris Brown Might Have to Do Some Time… He Violated His Probation The Same Night It Was Issued!!!

Remember on Tuesday of this week when the Judge broke down Chris Browns’ probationary rules and regulations? Well, remember that same night he was pictured above doing what it do at “the club?” Chris Brown might be sent back to jail for his actions that night: Chris Brown could live to regret his celebratory night…

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August 29th 11:15am

Be Sure to Check this Out: HBO Sports’ Mayweather/Márquez 24/7

For all you boxing fans, HBO is coming back with their groundbreaking reality series “24/7.” Starting Saturday August 29, 2009, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Juan Manuel Márquez will be highlighted as they prepare for their highly anticipated fight on September 19th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Vegas.

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August 29th 11:07am


Today marks what would have been Michael Jackson’s 51st Birthday. He started off with his brothers in 1964 and then went solo in 1979. He was and still is the King of Pop, who changed the music game phenomenally. Michael Jackson… Legend… Icon… The King of POP. R.I.P. Michael Jackson…

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August 29th 11:00am

Rihanna… Whose Kid Is That??

Rihanna was seen at the theater watching Lion King with the young gentlemen to the left. Rihanna always uses the lil boys as a fashion accessory, but this one may be different. Pop the top to find out who the little runt is

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August 29th 10:45am

End of Days: Naked Man Hi-Jacks a School Bus

In Atlanta, 23 year old Arris Pitmon decided to jump his “bucked naked” behind through a school bus window and then tried to hi-jack the bus. They said the man had his pants down to his ankles and had a condom on… Where they do that at???

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August 29th 10:30am

This Simmons Sister Has Some Serious Spandex On

Angela Simmons was spotted in this spandex get up out in Cali. The girl is as fit as a fiddle and has the body to prove it. Don’t believe us? Flip the lid for young Angela giving the paps… “the money shot”

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August 29th 8:45am

New Video: Mary J. Blige and Drake Make Chemistry in The One

Mary J. Blige hooked up with Drizzy Drake to put out this banger, The One. Mary is looking hotter than ever. Pop the hood to see for yourself…

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August 29th 8:43am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Says He Killed Woman Because She Gave Him HIV??

This story is way out. Anton Josey told police that he shot his girlfriend because she gave him HIV: A man told police he shot his ex-girlfriend because she gave him HIV. That woman later died in the hospital. According to Hollywood Police, Anton Jamar Josey kidnapped 23-year-old Dominque Duval…

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August 29th 8:40am

Who Is This Sweaty Party Animal??

At the 2009 J&R MusicFest this sweaty stud was spotted making it do what it do… while wet. Other guest were, Clipse, Sean Garrett, and more. Pop the top to find out who the stud is and see more photos

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August 29th 8:40am

Thirsty Cougar Covers Jet Magazine

The thirsty Cougar on the cover of Jet is underneath the hood. Here is your hint; she tried to break up a God fearing happy home. Pop the top and see

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August 29th 8:30am

*Hip Hop Wired Exclusive*: Memph Bleek Talks About Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Leakage “Man , That’s Timbo’s Camp… Somebody Is Playin’ Dirty”

Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z’s right hand man, is talking about the leakage and speculation that Timbaland supposedly masterminded. He spoke exclusively to Hip Hop Wired: In a matter of a week, Jay-Z has sprung a leak problem as three tracks were released titled “Off That” featuring Drake, “Reminder” and most recently “Venus vs. Mars.” Thursday saw…

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August 29th 8:20am

Teairra Marie is Getting it Together

Teairra Mari and her camp are really developing a look for her new album, At That Point, that drops on Oct. 20th. She decided to take the clothes look vs. the naked look for her new promo pics, which aren’t half bad. Hope that album is not half bad either…

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August 29th 8:10am

Big Girls and Mechanical Bulls… Just Don’t Mix

What happens when you have a Big Girl get on a Mechanical Bull??? Pop the Hood to find out…

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August 29th 7:30am

Saturday Style: Beryl Blush Blonde Jewelry

Beryl Blush Blonde Jewelry… Accessories always complete the outfit and always seperate the stylish from the bland. Dionne McGraw has been in the jewelry business since 2004 and can get your outfit poppin’ at anytime.

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August 29th 7:00am

*Hip Hop Wired Exclusive*: Jay Rock is the Future of The West Coast?

Jay Rock is a young thug-rapper out of the West Coast. HHW caught up with Jay Rock and  had a good interview with the young man. People are calling him the “the future of the west,” but we are not convinced yet: Watts finest Jay Rock has been on a roll this month with a…

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