June 19th 7:56am

Halle’s Pushin’ It

Halle Berry was seen coming out of her favorite Beverly Hills spa. Take note Ladies, Miss Halle is showing you how to keep it poppin'; you gotta treat that body well and push up on young men. More pictures below

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June 19th 7:55am

Five-Head’s Stan Enrolls in Anti-Stalking Class

Tyra’s stan is getting a slap on the wrist for all the drama he caused. An Anti-Stalking class? Fareal? What happens in that class? You learn how to not send a thousand text messages, quit drunk dialing and keep your psycho @ss at home?

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June 19th 7:50am

Random Ridiculousness: Guess Who’s Training Michael Jackson for His Comeback Tour

WTF? How random is it that two Hollyweirdos would come together like this? The Hulk is pushing 70 years old and Mike needs to just hang it up now before he ends up falling down and fracturing his hip bone and winds up on a cane like his geriatric homie Prince. These old heads need…

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June 19th 7:30am

Quote of the Day: “Last Night a Blackberry Saved My Life”

We’re all about advances in technology and the progression of our society but maybe we need our technology more than we thought

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June 19th 7:30am

Is Vanessa Knocked Up?

Vanessa’s looking a little puffy in this white satin ensemble. Seems like she might be hiding something. Watch out Kobe, Vanessa’s on to your whole side piece hustle. Don’t be surprised if she announces her pregnancy in the coming months. Pop the top for more Lakers’ Party pics including Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and Corbin Bleu

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June 19th 7:25am

Who Looked More Bangin: Kelly Rowland vs Venus Williams

Kelly Rowland looked surprised to be at the Ralph Lauren and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Pre-Wimbledon Party. She turned heads in that skin tight dress last night, while Venus looked classy and at ease. Both of the ladies were stunning which is why we can’t make up our mind. Who Looks More Bangin??? Pop the…

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June 18th 8:20am

Kelis is in the Poor House

As we reported on Tuesday, Kelis is in bad need of some money. She just filed her financial statements with the courts in order to force Nas to help her out.

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June 18th 8:18am

Usher’s New Chick – Grace Miguel

Could Usher have shut down Tameka Foster because of his new older woman, Grace Miguel? She’s 42, a music executive for Def Jam and about to have her business all over the net. He’s been separated from Tameka for a year and we know Usher isn’t the one to be ridin’ solo for long. Pop…

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June 18th 8:15am

BDR’s Got a New Girl. Guess What? She’s Black!

We reported on BDR and Noemie over the weekend but the confirmation came in yesterday afternoon. BDR dropped his wafer and is dippin’ his toes back in chocolate waters. Does this mean black women are making a comeback? Pop the lid for more of BDR’s latest side piece

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June 18th 8:13am

Whose Cheap Looking Jeans and Boots Are These?

Your favorite girl was seen coming out of her Momo on her way to dinner with Steve Stout. Poor girl can’t even leave her spot to grab a bite without being bombarded by paps. Just ridiculous… Pop the top for more

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June 18th 8:12am

Some Afternoon Linkage

Ex-Yankee Mel Hall Gets 45 Years for Raping 12 Year-Old LiveSteez Eva Mendes Strips for CK Again Lossip Drink This: The World’s Most Expensive F-Listed Ciara Gets Her Bondage On Bossip Throwback

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June 18th 8:10am

Jamie Foxx: “Just Cuz I Have Money Doesn’t Mean I Have To Pay”

Jamie Foxx isn’t going to let people spend his money. He’s filing a lawsuit against club Social in LA regarding a bartender who cut his @ss falling on broken glass and wants Jamie to pay for it. WTF?

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June 18th 8:07am

Question of the Day: Should Gay People Be Allowed to Get Married?

Electrik Red has joined the fight against Prop 8 in California which denies gay people from getting married. What are your thoughts Bossip readers? Should gay marriage be legalized? Pop the top for more Electrik Red pics

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June 18th 8:05am

Amber Rose Wants Ye To Start Plantin’ Some Seeds

Ye’s P*ssy Princess is back doing what she does best, spreadin’ em for magazines. Check out her latest pics for Planting Seeds

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June 18th 8:05am

Injustice Served: Court Says It’s Okay to Kill People But Not Dogs?

Okay, how does this ish make any sense? Donte Stallworth kills a man while driving under the influence and he gets 30 days in jail while Michael Vick commits the crime of animal cruelty and gets 2 years? Don’t get it twisted, we’re not fans of Michael Vick’s @ss but this just seems ridiculous. Pop…

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