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October 15th, 2013
4:35 PM EST

Guess Which Young R&B Star Is Flossin’ His Grown Up Bawwwwwdy On Instagram

Hey ladies… Aren’t you curious about the owner of these incredible abs?

September 7th, 2013
10:31 AM EST

Is Drizzy Smashing This Curly Jawn’s Cakes To Smithereens?

Can’t tell us this dude ain’t singing “All Me” right now!

August 20th, 2013
9:20 AM EST

Ballers: Can You Name Which Rapper Rolled Out In This ‘Rari?

This rapper was spotted celebrating his 24th birthday in style.

June 15th, 2013
10:19 AM EST

Shook Ones: Thirst Bucket Groupie Who Claimed Kanye Dirty-Dogged Kim For Her Admits That She Lied

Sounds like camp Yeezus  gave this jumpoff a “ho sit down” behind closed doors

June 12th, 2013
9:37 AM EST

Dear Bossip: He Lives In Another Country & Often Pops Up & Wants To Spend Time, But He’s Calling Less Frequent

Dear Bossip,

I am extremely confused about what’s going on with this guy that I like.

June 12th, 2013
6:35 AM EST

To Whom Do These Chiseled Abdominals Belong?

Sure, we’ll take a six-pack!


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