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January 27th, 2011
11:35 AM EST

What Part Of The Game Is This??? Man Files For Divorce And Seeks Police Protection Against His Sex Addicted Wife!!

Damn bruh, either you got her super sprung off your work, or you need some serious lessons in hoe control…

January 27th, 2011
6:39 AM EST

For The RHOA Stans: Cynthia Bailey Wedding Episode Spoilers

Here’s some info on the season finale Cynthia Bailey “wedding” episode of RHOA:

January 25th, 2011
12:32 PM EST

True Or False: Did American Idol Cost This Girl Her Job???

Hey, sometimes you got to make a sacrifice to chase your dream. That being said, b*tch you better win!

January 13th, 2011
7:58 PM EST

Aretha Franklin’s Mystery Illness Was Not Pancreatic Cancer

We still don’t know what was wrong with her, but the Queen of Soul herself says it definitely wasn’t pancreatic cancer.

January 12th, 2011
1:13 PM EST

Instant Replay: The 10 Craziest Moments From Episode 1 Of The Game

Word on the street is there was some sort of show on television last night that everyone was watching. Have you heard that?

January 11th, 2011
8:40 AM EST
January 10th, 2011
11:50 AM EST

Has Cake-less Cassie Cultivated A Crazy Cult Congregation?

Cassandra Ventura has been the subject of a polarizing debate since her debut on the music scene in 2006 with her smash Myspace-turned-radio hit “Me and U”. Some love her because she’s fine as fizzzuck, others for her fashion sense,

January 3rd, 2011
1:14 PM EST

Hate It or Love It?!?! Oprah’s OWN Channel Debuts To Mixed Reviews

The maiden voyage of Oprah’s new flagship set sail on Saturday and although the expectations were sky high for the media mogul the critics aren’t quite ready to bathe her in praise just yet.

…Caryn James, the former New York

December 29th, 2010
9:32 AM EST

Caption This

Do y’all remember “Amazon Eve”??? The 6’8″ bikini model we presented to you guys back in 2009???

December 28th, 2010
11:20 AM EST

Update: Man Charged With Murder For Murking Prostitute And Stuffing Her Dead Body In Suitcase

Remember the story last week about the black woman’s body found in a suitcase? Well they caught that shady fawk:

An East Harlem man was charged with murder last night after he was caught on video disposing of a woman’s

December 28th, 2010
8:20 AM EST

In White Folks News: Elton John And His Husband Welcome Baby Boy

Good for them:

Sir Elton John and David Furnish have become parents to son

December 18th, 2010
12:28 PM EST

Hi Hater: Ciara Says “Hell Yeah I’m Going Hollyweird…I Wanna Make That Hollyweird Scrilla”

Poor thang:

Ciara says she received the “most negative energy” as a result of her lackluster sales, with bloggers and other critics declaring her music career over.

December 16th, 2010
2:26 PM EST

Rep Louie Gohmert Says: ‘Those Gays Are Gonna Fawk Everything Up’

During the House debate over the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT) Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert basically stated that openly gay soldiers would eventually bring an end of our great country.


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