BOSSIP Exclusive: Siya, Nyemiah Supreme And Brianna Perry Of ‘Sisterhood Of Hip Hop’ Talk Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ And Sexuality In Rap

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Have you been watching Oxygen’s Sisterhood of Hip Hop????

Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme And Siya Interview

Oxygen’s “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” is currently documenting the journeys of some of Hip Hop’s fiercest female emcees. Included in that group are Brianna Perry, Neyemiah Supreme and Siya who have ties to heavyweights like Timberland and Tank and struggle to balance life’s ups and downs while building a career in the male dominated music biz.

Below the trio dishes on being openly sexy in Hip-Hop and give their opinions on Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda.”

Nicki Minaj previously got blasted for her “Anaconda” cover, what do you think about sexiness in Hip-Hop?

Nyemiah Supreme: One thing I admire about Nicki Minaj is that she shows the world that she can do whatever she wants to do and she has the freedom to say whatever she wants to say. I think at the level that she’s at it’s not necessary for her to get the shock value. I feel like she has the eyes already so the eyes don’t have to be on her a**. I feel like at that level if she wants to do that, then she just wants to. It can’t be for the attention or to just to sell records. I don’t feel like she needs to do that to get there. Me personally, I would never. If I have to compromise all that to get a dollar then it almost feels like prostitution. I never wanna feel like my back is against the wall to get that record.

Siya: I don’t see the big deal anymore about the picture because she did it and the other cover from (Lil) Kim. All she did this time was turn around and buss it open. It don’t matter. She did it before, she did it again and she’s gonna do it again because it’s gonna keep working for her. That’s what works best for her. Now if Nicki tried to go back to the “Come Up” DVDs days when she was still in Queens out there on her grizzy, I think motherf***s would be more shocked by that. N***s wanna hear the Nicki that came out of Queens when she was hungry. You sold us a gimmick, we get it. You did the Kim thing, you did it and made it yours—you won. What else can you possibly do instead of get back to your roots.

Brianna Perry: I definitely saw it, who didn’t see it? I wold have to agree with Siya. I wasn’t shocked at all. That’s her thing, that’s what she does, that’s where she’s comfortable. It’s her body, it’s her music, it’s her artwork. By all means, do whatever you wanna do, be you. When it comes to me personally, I think that we definitely live in a time where that’s what the people wanna see. They wanna see that not only from artists but from regular working women. You see it on Instagram on all day, you take it off, you get your likes up and you’re winning. As artists we have a right to do that. I’m just all about doing what I wanna do, I don’t care.




Siya: I don’t think none of the girls are trying to ocme for Nicki or her spot, we’re just trying to show that there’s more than enough room to let us in.

Nyemiah: I definitely do love how here’s Nicki and a Iggy at the same time because it shows the possibility that this can happen.

Brianna: Even though you know that’s two totally different types [of female rappers]…I think that’s the beauty of every woman when you have me, Nyemiah and you also have Siya; three different women who look totally different, and we get to express ourselves in totally different ways. We give the versatility that the game needs.

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