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Catfish Nev is currently the subject of much internet derision…

“Catfish” Creator Nev Schulman Called A Hypocrite After Posting Ray Rice Tweet Because He Was Expelled From College For Punching A Woman

Why you ask? Well, Nev posted the photo above with the caption below, which is a dig at suspended NFL’er Ray Rice:

Schulman’s tweet was ill-received by Twitter fans who had already caught wind of his own history as a woman abuser.

According to Page Six reports:

Shortly after condemning violence against women, it’s come to light that “Catfish” star Nev Schulman punched a female student while attending Sarah Lawrence College in 2006.

During the spring of his junior year, the television personality, now 29, attended a dance at the Bronxville college called the Sleaze Ball (which Schulman describes as “a night of debauchery, drugs, and girls dressed primarily in lingerie” in his newly released book, “In Real Life: Love, Lies & Identity in the Digital Age”).

Schulman claims he was taking photos of the festivities before coming to blows with a female attendee:

While I was photographing, an individual who didn’t like that I was taking pictures attempted to tackles me and smash my camera on the ground. Since the camera was attached to a strap around my neck, I found myself in a very unpleasant situation, much like a dog with a choke collar. In an effort to free myself, I punched the person and ran off; when I returned minutes later, I discovered that the short, stocky, crew-cut-styled individual I’d fought with was a woman – a fact that I hadn’t been aware of in the heat of the moment. The next thing I knew, I’d been arrested.

But a source, who attended the event at Sarah Lawrence College, says Schulman’s recollection is inaccurate.

“Nev stuck his camera in the face of two girls kissing and was sort of taking a picture and she shoved the camera away. He was very angry about this and he just decks her,” the source told Page Six on Tuesday.

Schulman writes that there were heavy consequences because of the incident (word of which has been circulating online since 2010):

The case was dismissed almost immediately, but Sarah Lawrence took to the opportunity to toss me out once and for all. I never even finished my junior year. My attitude was, ‘Never mind. No big deal. I had it coming.’ It didn’t matter much to me. But my mom was crushed. She’d already put her neck out for me more times that I could count, and now I was hurting her legacy at the school she loved so much. I’d finally screwed up so badly that it ended her relationship with Sarah Lawrence for good.


There are several different accounts of the incident in question, some which side with Schulman’s version of events where he claims he didn’t know it was a woman he was hitting and others that state plainly he was always aware he was punching a woman. Regardless, if you’ve been expelled for violence against a woman, perhaps tweeting on the subject might be better left to others?


Just sayin’…

Aside from that though — do you think Nev should be further punished — or has he already paid enough penance for his own offense?



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