Before-And-After: A Gallery Of Male Celebrities Who Have Been Victims Of Unbelievable, Hilarious And Disturbing Photoshop Sorcery

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A Gallery Of Male Celebrities Who Have Been Victims Of Photoshop

More often than not, photoshop sorcery is utilized by women who don’t want their “I woke up like this” face exposed to the world for ridicule. However, in certain cases, men have fallen under the spell of photo enhancements that aren’t very flattering as well. Other times, photoshop is just a creative way to get a good laugh when you’re having a not-so-great day.

Flip the page to see some of the most outrageous male photoshop fails and funnies.

Hova??? That you???

Well, that’s not painfully obvious.

Caucasian women would LOVE him…even more.

Biebs sure does look soft, and he also looks like Ellen Degeneres’ prom date.

Where are you Yeezy? Oh, Yeezy??

Up top looks like Brad, down bottom looks like Angelina.

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    Holale, holmes!

    Seems Brad Pitt always gets a raw deal when it comes to photo editing

    We’re all very familiar with the powerful sorcery that the Kardashian family wields. Kris clearly cast a spell on celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay

    Guess actually being black didn’t drive the point home enough for this magazine editor.

    Adam Levine is missing part of his torso. Nobody caught that??

    Sure that’s Michael Phelps head, but its the body of a man twice his size.

    Viola, Prince Williams is a brunette.

    We’re sure Zac Efron hits the gym from time to time, but c’mon…

    Brad Pitt. Again.

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