Break Ups: Toya Wright Reveals Why She & Memphitz Are Separated

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Toya Wright Explains Her Separation From Memphitz

Toya Wright is finally confirming what’s been speculated for weeks; that her marriage to Memphitz is on the rocks.

The ex-wife of Lil Wayne recently dished on her marital woes and gave her take on her hubby and his latest social media outbursts.

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On the status of her and Memphtiz relationship and Why He’s Acting Out:

The current status of me and my husband [is] we are separated at the moment. And, we’re just- everybody has their marital issues. And right now, you know, we’re separated.

I mean, what is going on with my husband, like I said when I spoke on it, is it’s bigger than me. Mickey has been going through something for the last few years since the whole lawsuit thing against his ex [K. Michelle] and Viacom and it really took a toll on him and it caused him to be a different person. So I think that, going through all of those things, and having all of that stress and the world looking at you one way as a “woman beater” and person that steals someone’s money, it’s hard for you to get back into your industry when you had a career and not a job and somebody defames your character. I mean, it’s a lot to deal with day to day.

And I watched it. I went through it with him for three years. And I’ve been to counseling with him and you know all types of things or whatever so he can get back strong. It’s a lot for him, that’s on him and choosing to live our marriage publicly, everybody has an opinion, and when somebody has the bigger platform to share their story and the other person doesn’t, it kind of gets one sided.

And for him- I always get upset when he reacts out of anger on social media because I know that’s not really him and it’s coming from a bitter, angry place because the world has turned him into that person. You know, constantly accusing him of doing this and doing that and he’s constantly struggling to get back to what he had.

Toya also touched on how the possibility that he’s “fallen into her shadow” since their marriage:

When I met him, he had a career. He was a self made guy with his own. And then to fall back into my shadow, and then to be known as a woman beater and a this and a that it’s kind of, a lot. It’s a lot to deal with.

And I’m just praying for him and praying for our situation. I’m a person that is all about love and our family and I don’t like to give up. Especially being married two times. I don’t even like to go through the whole dating stage and all of that. I love my husband and I’m praying that we can get through this and he can get back right to the person that I met because he’s not the person that I met. This whole situation has changed him into someone else.

In addition to dishing on their ongoing marital issues, Toya also revealed that they were at one point considered for “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and brought up K. Michelle’s abuse allegations.

See what else Toya had to say on the flip.

On Turning Down Doing Love and Hip Hop Atlanta:

He wanted me to go on the show with him. Well, the producer wanted me on the show but that’s not really my thing and I was like ‘No, we’re newlyweds. And we have kids.’ That show don’t really represent what I represent as a woman. I was like, ‘Na, I don’t want to do that,’ because it’s so much drama. Not that I have anything against it, it’s just not for me.

So, he felt like, it was my fault that he didn’t go on the show and he had the opportunity to defend himself. So you know, we took another route. And that route caused him to get blackballed in the industry. And it’s kind of like he blames me for that. And I have to deal with that everyday, you know?

I just didn’t want to have, like- at that point, we had just got married. And to go on a show and argue with your ex, even for me to be put in that situation, I just felt like it was too much. Like, I was totally against that and he just felt like, this was the opportunity for him to defend himself. And I was like, ‘No, I don’t think so. If this is not true, then you should handle it accordingly.’ Like, if someone is defaming your character, you gotta sue them or do what you gotta do. Especially after you ask them not to mention your name or likeness and they did it anyway, and it’s like- it lead people- even if they didn’t say your name- it lead people to you so you have to do what you have to do and he just felt like, he started to resent me for that when things didn’t turn out how he wanted it to.

So I was just like, you know, at the end of the day, I can’t go against what I believe in. That’s not something I was cool with. And I don’t want my husband on a tv show, going back and forth with his ex, [while] we’re trying to move forward. You’re in another relationship, that’s your past.

On People Thinking that Memphitz is Obsessed Over K. Michelle / On How it Makes Her Feel when He Feuds with K. Michelle on Social Media:

I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. But when he does entertain it, it’s because it came to him first. The reason the last whole Instagram thing went on is because of what she said on Wendy Williams. You know what I mean? When she uses her bigger platform to attack him, it draws people back to him to pick on him. And that’s what makes him start to say stuff and post all this crazy stuff because that’s the only platform to defend himself.

It’s tough not to react, because we’re all human.

This entire situation is so sad and it’s a shame that a number of their issues are being aired out on social media; they seemed like the perfect pair.What do YOU think about Toya sharing details about her strained marriage to Memphitz?????

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