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LeToya Luckett Dishes On “Single Ladies”

LeToya Luckett is prepping for the reemergence of the black, the beautiful and the bossy that will strut back onto the small screen when “Single Ladies” premieres March 18.

With that in mind, the actress recently chatted with BOSSIP at Centric’s “Sip & Share” brunch to dish on the only network for Black women bringing the show back for a fourth season as well as her friend Taraji P. Henson’s stellar success on “Empire.”

Check out our chat with LeToya below.BOSSIP: What does “Single Ladies”‘ move to Centric mean for the show?

LeToya Luckett: I’m one for new starts and I’m not afraid of change at all. I think that its found a home at a great network because it’s designed for women. “Single Ladies” is all about sisterhood and the real things that women go through; the relationships, the makeups, the break ups—all these different things that women go through everyday. I think its found a great home at Centric.

BOSSIP: Your character is known for being a boss. What is she up to this season?

LeToya Luckett: She’s still a boss honey, she’s still ice cold. I think Felicia is a little bit more open this season and you’ll get to see inside her life and see why she’s as ice cold as she is. She’s fun, she’s fun too. Not to say that she lightens up a bit because I think the reason I loved her so much is because she was so hardcore. I think that definitely is still who Felicia is, but she’s going through some changes.

BOSSIP: Why do you think a scripted series like “Single Ladies” is continuing to standout in this age of reality television?

LeToya Luckett: The thing people love about reality TV so much I feel is that they feel they can relate to this person. I feel like “Single Ladies” still has that element because women are able to relate to each character and what each one is going through on the show. I also feel like it’s because of the fashion. Anthony [Williams] who’s over our costume design, does a wonderful job of creating the wardrobe around each character’s personality. You know Felicia wears a strong black and a red lip. Then there’s LisaRaye who has this gorgeous body and is shapely, and he [Anthony] creates clothes that women in the world can identify with. I think you can look at the show and say, ‘oh she did that? I can do that too!’

BOSSIP: Talk to me about the state of Black television right now, we have “Blackish”, “Single Ladies”, “Empire”; how does it feel to be a part of that?

LeToya Luckett: It’s great. I’m a huge fan of Taraji [P. Henson]. That’s my girl. I love her not only because she’s a phenomenal actress but because she’s a phenomenal woman. That woman has given me so many opportunities and kept her word on so many things, and it’s so great to see her on primetime television running ‘thangs as she should. So I’m so proud of Taraji and the show. It makes me really happy to see our folk on network TV running ‘thangs.


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