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Woman Finds Facial Hairs Inside Her Egg McMuffin From Scottish McDonald’s

YUCK, daddy!

Via DailyMail

A McDonald’s customer was ‘disgusted’ when she discovered what appeared to be covered in beard trimmings in her McMuffin.

April Gilmour, 24 from Kilmarnock, had already eaten half of the breakfast snack when she noticed the thick short dark hairs.

The furious mother-of-two said she felt ‘sick to her stomach’ after making the gruesome discovery and posted a picture of the hairy sausage and egg McMuffin on Facebook on Wednesday which has now been shared more than 600 times.

She wrote on Facebook: ‘This was my sausage and egg McMuffin from McDonald’s in Kilmarnock this morning.

‘I had eaten half of it and opened it up to put more sauce in and noticed it was full of hair shavings. Disgusting!

‘The manager told me they operate a clean shave policy – well clearly some wee radge has shaved all over their uniform and it’s fell into my breakfast.’

The beautician added: ‘It’s obviously an accident but I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it.’

We’re sure some of you swirly brothas would love to put your facial hair on April’s “McMuffin”…SMH

Also, she seems MIGHTY confident that this was just an “accident”. We’re just sayin’…it’s not like the fast food industry always hires the most scrupulous of individuals.

Image via Facebook


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