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It’s no secret that the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio is going to be the biggest thing this side of the Compton car wash spot on May 2nd. Our money is on Floyd. We had the chance to listen to a few of his words and we have the synopsis on the next pages.

Media Conference Call:

When the career is over, will you have enough money for the rest of your life?

I made some good investments. If I wanted to retire today… I could.

Will Pacquaio be surprised, just like Juan Manuel Marquez, of how much bigger than him you are?

I weigh usually 20 lbs over on fight night. But, as far as body language… When I met him for the first time… It was easy to tell he was surprised of my size.

Why are you not as vocal as you used to be?

If you’ve been doing your homework… You will see that I’ve had a gameplan my whole life. I haven’t been very vocal, except for responses, in all of my latest fights. I’ve matured and I’m not 18 anymore. It is what it is… I know what I bring to the table and God has blessed me. I did that loud talking to get to a certain point, I did what I had to to do.

People have been making a stink about your muhammad ali comments where you touched on it being a different era all together.

I feel like… I take my hat off to Ali… He is a legend and I respect him. I’ve given the sport my whole life. I’ve put as much into my career as Ali. Ali only has one weight class. I’m still sharp at 38, with all that said… No disrespect to Ali. I’m the best at what I do… Just like he called himself the greatest. Ali said he was greater than Sugar Ray… Just like another fighter will come along saying he’s better than me.

Is Freddy Roach blowing smoke?

I have a gameplan (laugh). I’m not gonna speak on Freddy Roach… And if I comment on anything he says… It will play into his “good vs evil.” theory. He can say what he wants to say, but he’s not fighting. I wish Freddy the best.

As far as fights, where do you think this one stacks up?

It’s a big fight, but I go into this thinking… It’s just a fight to me. I will never put any unnecessary stress on myself.

Have you trained harder because of your age?

When you’re at this level you always want to perform extremely well. You don’t wanna over train, but you wanna be ready. I train extremely hard. We will see how it plays out. Hopefully I’m stronger than I’ve been in the past.

Is God on Manny’s side?

No disrespect… But that question is rhetorical. I believe God loves us all. I don’t think God takes sides.

Do you think a victory over the great hype, Manny Pacquiao, will enhance your legacy?

I’m not sure… I think it’s up to you guys.

We think this win will certify Floyd as the Best Boxer Ever.

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