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Carolina Panthers Player Josh Norman Is Hiding “Secret” Daughter; Behind On Child Support

Hothead NFL player Josh Norman drove on the highway with his pregnant ex-girlfriend on top of his car after the pair bickered over her decision to keep their baby, BOSSIP has learned.

The 2013 incident, where baby mama Keisha Thomas was three months pregnant, only ended when cops pulled him over and arrested him for reckless driving, a source close to Thomas’ family told BOSSIP.

The car stunt began when Norman, 27, flew his New York City-based girlfriend of a year to his home in Atlanta to beg her to abort their baby girl, Imala, who is now almost two years old. Thomas refused, the source said, and the pair argued. Norman tried to take off, but Thomas sat on top of his car. He took off anyway, and headed for the highway.

“She was frightened,” the source said of Thomas. “She was yelling at him, saying ‘Pull Over!!’ Her first reaction was ‘is he trying to make me have a miscarriage?’ She was traumatized.”

Norman later pled “nolo contendere” to reckless driving, and fined $425, an official from the Gwinnett County’s Recorder’s Court confirmed to BOSSIP. His plea wasn’t a guilty admission, but meant that he wasn’t challenging the facts of the case.

Norman and Thomas are now embroiled in a legal battle as they try to hash out child support and custody arrangements. Records obtained by BOSSIP show that as of May 8, Norman was $1,300 in arrears for his $447 a week child support.

Despite the six-foot, 195-pound player signing a four-year, $2.3 million deal with the Carolina Panthers, the source says Norman is notoriously tight-fisted when it comes to his little girl, even skipping presents all together on some holidays. The source said Thomas asked him for less money than the $1,800 a month he’s now paying to support Imala, but was forced to take him to court when he wouldn’t even pay that.

“She still forgave him,” the source said. “And he’s still being horrible to her.”

Thomas is now raising the baby in New York City, while Norman is in Atlanta with his new girlfriend, the source said.

Norman’s lawyer, Mark A. Berthiaume, threatened to sue BOSSIP when we reached out to Norman for his side of the story.

“The allegations were apparently relayed to you for the purpose of leveraging a favorable financial resolution in the pending child support proceedings,” Berthiaume wrote, adding, “If, despite this letter, you or your organization nonetheless publish these false and defamatory statements in your text message – or any other similarly libelous statements –Mr. Norman will take all legal steps necessary to address this conduct.”



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