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Nelly Gets Into Social Media Battle With Promoter Over Miss Jackson

Did Nelly’s social media-stalking of his ex-bae Ashanti get his current lady put on blast for her former ho-tendencies? A seemingly random social media exchange has turned into an all-out war between Nelly and a former associate…with multiple #TBT subliminal shots thrown back and forth over the last few hours.

Nelly’s gripe is with a St. Louis promoter who goes by the name of Loose Cannon Slim, who has been posting pics and videos of Ashanti for months — making her his #WCW multiple times and posting several comments admiring her thickness. The trouble all began earlier today when Ashanti herself actually took notice and began double-tapping and throwing heart-eyes under his multiple posts…

It appears that even though Nelly is currently in a nearly year-long relationship with Shantel Jackson…he still monitors Ashanti’s social media moves and felt some sort of way about Loose Cannon shooting his shot at his ex-girlfriend.

The St. Lunatic promptly took it upon himself to post a #TBT photo of an old Apple Bottom jeans advertisement featuring himself and Loose’s baby mama…with quite an interesting caption:

Apparently this Loose character isn’t one to take social media shots in stride…because he decided to post his own little trip down memory lane — featuring Nelly’s current woman, who he claims to have his own separate history with:

This, of course, garnered quite a reaction from Nelly’s, Miss Jackson’s, and even his own followers crying foul on the post — but Loose gave a pretty simple explanation for his actions:

Well, damn!

Nelly has since remained mum…but somehow we doubt this is the last we’ll hear from either party on the matter of Miss Jackon’s and her mouf. Either way, it appears that checking up on his ex and keeping it petty might have blown up in Nelly’s face in this scenario…

Who’s side are you on in this social media spat??




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