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Poor Peter…

Cynthia Bailey Is Still Not Attracted To Peter Thomas Without His Clothes On

Cynthia Bailey is clarifying a damning statement she made during Sunday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

As previously reported, a large portion of the episode focused on Cynthia’s marital woes with her hubby Peter Thomas after a video surfaced of him getting close to a woman in a club.

Following that Cynthia dropped a bombshell to her sister Malorie; she’s not attracted to her husband when he takes his clothes off.

Bravo has since followed up with the housewife and she’s confirming whether or not she’s still not attracted to her man when it’s time to be intimate.


Are you still attracted to Peter? Even with his clothes off?
Cynthia Bailey: When Peter and I first met, I was attracted to everything about him. However, his confidence really stood out. He was handsome, successful, funny, smart, and sexy. He owned all of it. I have always been more attracted to my husband’s mind than his body.

When my sister Malorie asked me if I was still attracted to Peter with his clothes off, she was referring to him physically, not sexually. My honest answer was no. For me, physical attraction and sexual attraction are two different subjects, and one has nothing to do with the other.

At the time of Malorie’s visit, the video had just come out, we were dealing with the stress of other martial issues, and Peter had packed on some unwanted pounds. Is it possible to be sexually attracted to someone and not be physically attracted to them?

Physical attraction is important in any marriage or relationship, but it is only one of many factors that will keep a healthy relationship together. I think men hold women to a much higher standard when it comes to physical attraction. Most women love from more of an emotional and spiritual connection that usually goes beyond the physical. This is an issue that a lot of women can relate to but are not comfortable talking about out loud.

Soooooo she’s not attracted to her man physically but she’s attracted to him sexually??? Hmmm, don’t those go hand in hand???

Hit the flip for more from Cynthia and her reaction to that alleged cheating video.



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