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How To Know You’re Dating A Good Man



There are a lot of wannabees out here in the world so it’s hard to know if the man you’re eying is the real deal. Keep clicking to see if your guy is authentic in these streets.

He’s responsible. He handles his business. Enough said. 


He’s consistent. He doesn’t leave you wondering, he shows up daily, his word is his bond.

He owns his actions and consequences. Good or bad he doesn’t run from his decisions.

His priorities are in order.



He has concrete goals.

He can communicate clearly and effectively.


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He is passionate about something outside of the bedroom. Real men have dreams and aspirations beyond blowing your back out.


He has a strong work ethic. A real man isn’t lazy. He doesn’t mind doing the work.


He gives he doesn’t just take. A real man brings substance to the table. He doesn’t just pull up a chair to eat.




He listens.  A real takes the time to really hear what’s being said to him, not in one ear and out the other.




He knows how to collaborate and compromise.  It’s not just his way or no way. He works it out.


He’s trustworthy. Period.



He knows who he is.  He has a strong sense of self.

He’s respectful. He knows how to treat you and how to act.

He’s into learning. whether it’s reading or asking questions, or teaching himself new things.



A real man will have emotional intelligence. He knows how to handle and express his feelings.

He’s considerate. A real man will always take your needs and desires into account.


He isn’t intimidated. A real man is comfortable in his own skin. He’s not intimidated by your ambition or by the moves of others. 


He thinks before he acts or speaks.  A real man isn’t running around popping off. He has self-control.





Has a spiritual life. A real man has a spiritual practice of some kind. He knows how to look inside his own heart and find peace of mind.


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