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Lance Stephenson And Baby Mama Back In Court Over $12,000 A Month Support

The mother of Lance Stephenson’s two children said the NBA baller tried to lowball her out of court on their kids child support – but she wasn’t having it.

“He told me they didn’t need the amount of money I’m receiving now, and he’ll do anything for them, and he doesn’t want to come to court anymore,” Feby Torres testified Friday during her child support trial in Brooklyn Family Court.

Torres said she didn’t respond to his text message request back in September, instead opting to have her day in court.

Torres wants her current $6,000 a month child support payment doubled to $12,000 a month, with the extra money going to things like childcare so she can go back to school and finance a move to a safer area of Brooklyn.

“I would like the court to award me something reasonable, something that fits my children’s needs,” Torres said.

Torres testified that she’s living in such a rough part of Brooklyn that she heard “several” gunshots two days ago right outside her daughter’s bedroom window when she was home with the kids. More child support would mean she could move to a safer nabe and buy her son furniture.

“The night before yesterday, there was a shooting directly around the corner from my home,” Torres said. “It was fairly close to my home. I could hear it.”

But Stephenson’s lawyer Laurence Greenberg said the current $6,000 a month was more than enough for her and the kids – Laylah, 4 and Lance Jr., 1. Torres testified that she hadn’t gotten a job since she dropped out of school more than a year ago, and Greenberg said her financial records show she managed to squirrel away nearly $4,000 of the child support in a savings account. All the while the stay-at-home mom has been appearing for free in music videos, like 2 Milly’s “Milly Rock.”

“There is money being spent where by there’s no need for additional child support,” Greenberg said. “Ms. Torres makes no financial contributions to the children, has her own personal expenses met…she is enhancing her own personal lifestyle.”

Greenberg, said Stephenson was willing to pay any reasonable expense for his kids, including the $3,000 she said she needs for their summer camp.

“This is all very nice,” Torres’ lawyer Daniel Nottes said, “but the kids are still living in a place where there’s gun shots.”

Stephenson didn’t comment during the hearing, but will take the stand in March when the case is back in court.

Jennifer H. Cunningham


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