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Nicki Minaj Has Twitter Beef With Dr. Miami Over “Fake” Autograph Insinuating He Enhanced Her Body

For the second Friday in a row, Nicki Minaj is clapping back in 140 characters or less. Today’s Twitter finger kerfuffle comes courtesy of azz-enhancing Dr. Miami who posted an autographed photo of Nicki on his SnapChat that some felt hinted at the fact that HE was the mystery man who had performed cosmetic surgery on her.

At some point Nicki caught wind of the photo and took to Twitter to see…”what’s good?!?”

What he’s insinuating is that THIS is the old natural you, ma’am…

Anyone out there believe Onika has NO idea who Dr. Miami is? Bueller? Bueller??

Some people get on social media to rant and rave about any and everything *eyes emoji*

Anyway, Nicki claims that Dr. Miami’s autograph is fugazi and per usual, Nicki’s Barbz rushed to their master’s defense and posted a side-by-side of a real signature and Dr. Miami’s. Are they forensic handwriting analysts now???

This wasn’t even close to being the end of Nicki’s exchange with the famed-plastic surgeon.

Keep flippin’…

Image via Instagram/Splash

The woman who took the SnapChat that set Nicki off actually works for Dr. Miami and she took to Twitter to clarify that there was no subliminal message being sent.

See that on the following page.

One might think that this kind of “beef” would be good for business, but according to the doc, he doesn’t need Nicki’s help booking clients…

Welp! Lmao!

What do you think? Another example of Nicki overreacting or does she have a valid point this time?

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