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Cam Newton Bill Romanowski

Bill Romanowski Calls Cam Newton Racist Buzzword “Boy” Following Super Bowl Loss

We knew this was coming. We KNEW it was coming. We knew that if Cam Newton lost the Super Bowl that there would be white people waiting in the wings to cheer and gloat that our “super negro” couldn’t seal the deal against Wonder Bread water head Peyton Manning.

Enter: Bill Romanowski.

For those who don’t know, Romanowski was DIRTY NFL player and a rotten human being. Racist epithets, spitting on players, punching, kicking, ripping off helmets and God knows what else he did that he never got caught doing.

So yeah, the former Broncos’ d-bag took to Twitter to admonish Cam for his petulant behavior at the post-game press conference when he abruptly got up and left the media room after only a couple of minutes answering questions.

Cam Newton Bill Romanowski racist tweet

Yes, in 2016 the year of our lord, a white man still felt comfortable publicly referring to a black man as “boy”.

Once Twitter began to gather Bill’s things for eviction, he deleted the tweet and offered this weak azz explanation/apology.

Keep that s#!t, Bill. We don’t want it.

Flip it over a few times to see some of the Twitter reactions to Bill’s racist rhetoric.

Image via AP

Deray is 100% right.

Look at Bill’s list of infractions. He’s got some nerve! SMFH!

Bomani Jones’ “Highly Questionable” co-host Dan Lebatard is incredulous

True indeed…

He sure the hell did…

That’s right. Let Bill be as racist as he wants so that we know how to properly identify him.

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We’ll wait too.

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