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Mary Mary’s “Don’t Be Scared” Podcast Interview

On the latest episode of “Don’t Be Scared” Danni, Jah and Alex chat with gospel duo Mary Mary.

And while there, Tina Campbell responded to rumors that she shot up her husband’s car after finding out that he had “countless” extramarital affairs.

“I crashed three cars, I damaged a lot of stuff,” said Tina. “Cut up a bunch of stuff, damaged some stuff. I put a hammer to his car, a hammer did that, not a gun. I respect my children, I respect my neighborhood, I would never compromise our living scenario because I’m in my neighborhood acting like a plum fool and a criminal shooting things up.

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That would be stupid, I wouldn’t do that. I waited till everyone was away, I went in there and took away some of my pain. That was stupid because ultimately his money is my money so I wasted a whole lot of our money being angry.I went and beat the car up with a hammer, some scissors and a bat. I ruined that one [car] and crashed the other two. I was angry.”

She added however that ultimately God saved her marriage.

“I realized all that anger wasn’t getting me nowhere,at the end of the day I love this man and I believe that he’s better than what he did. [..] God really did save our marriage so I’m okay with everything that I did and everything that happened, it’s a part of my journey. Nobody has to expose anything on me, I tell my whole truth. I don’t got no secrets, I don’t wanna be hostage to any of this type of stuff.”

Listen to “Don’t Be Scared’s” Mary Mary episode below!

“Mary Mary” airs Thursdays at 9:00 on WE TV.

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