15 Times Prince Was The Blackest Most Magical Man On Earth

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prince album cover

Prince passed away earlier today. We can’t even believe we’re typing those words. It’s hard to fathom the possibility. But instead of feeling sad we’re going to take time to remember some of the most magical, greatest moments Prince has given us. So join us in the celebration.

Dearly beloved…

1. When he reminded us that Black Lives Matter

2. When Michael Jackson, James Brown and Prince made the Blackest video of all time.

3. This 13 minutes version of Purple Rain

prince album cover

4. This album cover. LOOK AT THAT BLACKNESS.

prince cover

5. When he embraced the Dave Chappelle skit and made a song about it

6. When he wore shades to cover up his third eye.

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    7. His passport. HIS PASSPORT.

    prince super bowl concert

    8. When he performed at the Super Bowl. It was raining. He didn’t get wet. But your girl did.

    9. All these moments he unapologetically shaded everyone who deserved it.

    10. When he rode a unicorn. Naked. Because he’s magical, too.

    11. The fact he can take your girl wearing this. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

    12. When he was breaking gender roles before breaking gender roles was cool

    13. Remember when he showed up at the Warriors game earlier this season and everything stopped? Amazing.

    14. When he protested unfair treatment from his label (they only paid him 12% for his albums) and wrote slave on his face in protest.

    15. Literally all the time. All the time. He was all the time the most magical, boldest blackest man on Earth and we loved him for it every single day.

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