Get In Formation: 10 Things From Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” That Will Make The #BeyHive Go Crazy

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10 Things From Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” That Are Likely To Excite The #BeyHive

Well ladies, gentlemen and followers of her majesty Beysus Christ, the day is finally here. A great many of you lost your collective s#!t last week when Beyoncé released an extended trailer to her artsy-fartsy HBO film “Lemonade” which debuts tonight.

While the minute-long trailer definitely fanned the flames, no one still has any real idea what the hell this thing is all about.

Is it a cohesive movie? A documentary?? Are there scenes of her and Jay Z dressed in onesies reenacting old Destiny’s Child videos??? WHO KNOWS?!

What we do know is what we’d LIKE to see. Flip the page to see 10 things that will probably have our Twitter timeline buzzin’ with #BeyHive mania.

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Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow

What role will the striking Canadian model play in “Lemonade”?

Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy

After Blue popped up in the “Formation” video in all her splendor, it’s likely that we might just see the heir to all things Knowles-Carter again.

Maybe running a “Lemonade” stand…*elbows* Huh? Huh?? Right???

Beyonce Ivy Park

Beyoncé’s New Album

It stands to reason, that if Beyoncé is only days away from a brand new world tour, that she would have some brand new music to perform. Lord knows we can’t keep watching her perform “Drunk In Love” over and over again

Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime


Now you know that Beyoncé did not put this production to play around with you hoes. We’re almost positive that “Lemonade” will yield some new dance trend that drunk women in high heels will be trying to imitate all across the world.


Hair Styles

Braids, curly, afro, straight, wavy, weavy and everything in between. Hell, as weird as the trailer looks, Bey might just go bald on you bishes, just cause she can.

Beyonce formation 3


The “Formation” video gave us a bit of everything.


Antebellum dresses, modern-day coochie cutters, furs, and Gucci print body suits. Again, expect a LOT of Beyoncé look alikes in the club after tonight.

Beyonce formation

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    At this point, the only thing more entertaining than the cultural event that everyone is watching, is the glorious glorious memes that result from said experience.

    We expect some great ones to come from “Lemonade”.

    Beyonce Carmen hip hopera

    Beyoncé’s Acting

    If “Lemonade” is anything like Michael Jackson’ “Moonwalker” then that means Beyoncé is going to have to do some acting. That could be a good thing (if she’s taken classes to improve) or worse (if she’s Carmen-era Bey).

    Beyonce and Jay Z Attend the LA Clippers vs. Warriors Game in Los Angeles

    Jay Z? Kendrick Lamar?

    We’ve heard rumblings that Beyoncé and her husband may have a collaborative album in the works. Word is also traveling along the grapevine that Kendrick Lamar has worked with Mrs. Carter on some new music.


    This Better Be Good

    Been a while since Beyoncé has had to hug an “L”. Her last album was successful and the music videos that accompanied it were generally well-received. But, this “Lemonade” business has some skeptical that Bey might be chasing some of Rihanna’s edginess in order to keep people interested.

    Guess we’ll find out tonight.

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