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Nope, not Loni!

Source Says Rachel Miskowiec Is The Woman Tamar Thinks Betrayed  Her

The witch hunt to find out who “betrayed” Tamar Braxton and had her fired “The Real” might finally be over.

BOSSIP can exclusively report that despite the Tamartians’ attempts to point the finger at cohosts Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai, Tamera Mowry and Loni Love, they are NOT to blame.

Instead as some people suspected, the person Tamar allegedly feels betrayed by is show runner/executive producer Rachel Miskowiec.

Miskowiec took the reigns on the show’s second season and canned Tamar to allegedly send the message to the other co-hosts that “they’re dispensable.”

“Rachel Miskowiec, she is the executive producer of “The Real” and she is the person who is behind Tamar getting fired,” a reliable source tells BOSSIP. “She is who Tamar was talking about.

“Rachel felt deeply threatened by all the hosts immediately after she started, she deliberately kept them in the dark on all key decisions on the show.”

News has since surfaced that like Tamar her husband Vince, a producer on the show, was blindsided by the news. This is unsurprising considering that Miskowiec was also allegedly unhappy with Vince and expressed her dissatisfaction with him on set.

“She constantly complained behind the scenes about Vincent,” the source tells BOSSIP. “He was not ever cooperative with her. He was always advocating on behalf of Tamar but when the show needed something from him, he was always uncooperative and unresponsive. That really frustrated the executive producer.”


“She feels that all the hosts are pretty dispensable,” adds the source. “Part of this is trying to show a message that they are dispensable. She wants to basically keep them on their toes.”

Immediately after Tamar found out news of her firing is when she allegedly posted that cryptic message. She’s remained mum on social media ever since and is refusing to talk to her now ex co-hosts.


This story makes much more sense than one of her cohosts stabbing her in the back and plotting against her, riiight?


More details on Tamar’s firing including the REAL reason why she was let-go on the flip.



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