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Fair or foul???

Maggie Carrie Heckstall To Sue NYPD

The woman who was struck by a stray bullet at a T.I. concert is announcing plans to sue.

Maggie Carrie Heckstall who says she’s Maino’s girlfriend, recently said that she’s suing the NYPD, not alleged shooter Troy Ave, because the police force has been “harassing her.”

The New York Post reports:

Stunning Bronx-born model and exotic dancer Maggie Carrie Heckstall last remembers sitting on a couch in the crowded VIP green room — the first drink of the night fresh in her hand, still unsipped.

Then a bullet tore into her left knee, shattering her femur.

It was Wednesday night at a rap concert at the popular Union Square venue Irving Plaza.

“I was grabbing my leg and trying to walk,” she remembered. “But it was almost dangling off, so I couldn’t.”

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At least one shooter had opened fire into the green room, where she sat with pals, waiting for her boyfriend, the rapper Maino, to open for T.I.

Heckstall, 26, and another bystander were wounded by the gunfire. A third victim, Ronald McPhatter, was shot dead.

Suspected gunman Troy Ave is accused of accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

According to Maggie police started interrogating her IMMEDIATELY after she was shot, even riding in the ambulance with her to grill her for details.

“I was too far away to see any of that,” Heckstall — who dances under the name “Barbie” and also is an aspiring R&B singer — recalled from her bed at Bellevue Hospital.

That hasn’t stopped cops from leaning on her — hard, she says — for details, and keeping an eye on her visitors.

The bullet is still in her leg — too close to vital nerves to be removed — but that hasn’t stopped ballistics-hungry cops from repeatedly asking about it, said her lawyer, Emel McDowell, who is readying a lawsuit against the NYPD and Irving Plaza.

“These people are heartless,” Heckstall said of investigators.
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“The interrogation started in the ambulance. The detective was in the trauma unit the whole time, while they’re cutting my clothes off and everything.”

Maggie is echoing sentiments that has NO IDEA who shot her on her Instagram.

Is it fair or foul for Maggie to sue the NYPD???

Hit the flip for more Maggie and a word from Maino on the shooting.

Maino is insisting that his camp had NOTHING to do with Troy Ave’s actions considering that he and the rapper are cool.

More of his girlfriend on the flip.

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