Michael Brown, And So Many More Like Him, Should Be Alive Today.

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Victims Of Police Brutality Who Should Still Be Alive

Michael Brown should still be alive. So should countless other Black people who were murdered by police. On the second anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, we want to take a look at people who deserve to be alive. Who are they and what would they be doing if their lives weren’t snuffed out by police. How old would they be? What would their families look like? Let’s remember the victims for the lives they lived and the lives they deserve to be living now.


Trayvon Martin should be 21 years old right now. As a high school student he showed interest in going to the University of Miami or Florida A&M University. He also participated in aeronautics summer camps and was extremely interested in flying.


Tamir Rice should be 13 and a half. He’d be in middle school now in the neighborhood his mother moved him into for a better upbringing.

oscar grant

Oscar Grant should be 30 years old now. His beautiful daughter is 11. She loved her daddy and they deserve to be together.


Sandra Bland should be 29 now. When she was killed, she was heading back to Prairie View where she went to school to start a new job. She was active in the Black Lives Matter movement in Chicago and had a passion from Black people.


Korryn Gaines would be with her children – her five year old and one year old. They’d still be a family.

alton sterling

Alton Sterling had a 15 year old son and four other adorable children. He should be with them now. He was a cook at the shelter home he lived in and delighted in providing extra food.

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    Philando Castile

    Philando Castile loved feeding the kids in the cafeteria at the elementary school where he worked. He brightened the kids’ faces.

    Aiyana Jones would be just celebrating her 14th birthday on July 20th. Fourteen.

    Laquan Mcdonald

    Laquan McDonald should be 19 and working to get his life in order in Chicago. He deserved that chance.

    Amadou Diallo should be 41 years old hopefully flourishing thanks to the company he and his cousin were working on.

    Sean Bell should be 33 right now. Married and happy with his lovely 13 year old daughter.


    Eric Garner should be 45 raising his children (including a daughter who was three months old when he was killed). He also should be a grandfather now watching his incredible family grow up.


    John Crawford should be 24, free to live his life and further grow into a great man.

    akai gurley

    Akai Gurley should be 29 years old. His daughter is four.

    walter scott main

    Walter Scott should be 51. He was studying massage therapy and maybe he’d be working towards his own practice now.

    Freddie Gray screenshot

    Freddie Gray should be 26. He was seemingly getting his life in order and living near his sisters, including his twin Fredricka.


    Michael Brown would be heading to his second year of college where he was hoping to learn about air conditioning repair. He was beloved and should continue to be loved by his friends and family.

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