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“No one wants to film with her, she’s horrible…”–Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust Slams Joseline Hernandez

During this year’s LHHATL reunion Mimi Faust was set to sit down with Joseline Hernandez after they fell out over Joseline’s false claims that Stevie J fathered children outside their “marriage.”

Mimi recently recounted to VH1 why she refused to film with “trash” Joseline and detailed the damning effects the “horrible” woman has had on her family.
Why didn’t you shoot with Joseline?

“I was supposed to shoot with Joseline and I flat out refused. I have nothing to say to her, so why would I film with her? The last few times I’ve filmed with her, she’s been completely disrespectful and just disgusting and film with her for what? She’s trash. She doesn’t know how to behave herself. Like she acts like a complete lunatic. If she could like be normal, maybe – like everyone has refused to film with her. No one wants to film with her. She’s horrible.”

Mimi Joseline Stevie

What do you think is causing Joseline to be this conniving this season?

“That’s who she is. She’s a conniving person. That’s who she is, and people need to wake up and recognize who that woman is. She will try to befriend you just so she can turn around to use it against you or stab you in the back. She’s done it to everybody. Karlie still wants to give her a chance and a pass. I’m like, “good luck girl.” She will never in life get a pass from me ever again. Ever.”

Damn, seems like Mimi’s drawn a line in the sand when it comes to Joseline.

She also sent Joseline a nasty message about her unborn child and has declared that the boy or girl will NEVER meet her daughter Eva.


“I absolutely want nothing to do with her. Ever. Nor my child,” said Mimi.
If the child is his, do you think Eva and their child would have a relationship at all?

“Not if I can help it. I want nothing to do with that woman, or her child. I’m sorry, she has done the most horrible things to me. She’s done horrible things to my family. She’s made serious serious accusations about my daughter, her father, her grandfather. It’s disgusting. I absolutely want nothing to do with her. Ever. Ever. Ever. Nor my child. So, unless that child is of age and can go somewhere on its own, and she has nothing to do with it, maybe then yes, but if my daughter has to be around her again, that’s not happening. Ever again in life.”

Mimi is referring to the time when Joseline alleged that Stevie J and his father were sexually abusive to Eva Giselle.
Joseline VS Stevie J

Can you blame Mimi for wanting to keep her daughter away from Joseline???mgid-uma-image-vh1

What do YOU think about Mimi’s words on the pregnant reality star??? Fair or foul???




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