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Derrick Dearman murders crystal meth

Abusive Boyfriend Blames Crystal Meth Binge For Murdering Girlfriend’s Family

Yesterday we posted a story about an abusive azzhole who hunted his estranged girlfriend down and murdered six people in her family.

Today, we get news that the man is blaming crystal meth for his murderous rampage according the NYDN:

The suspected killer blamed meth for a bloody rampage that left five members of his estranged girlfriend’s family dead in a rural Alabama home at the end of a dirt road.

“Drugs, man, they mess people’s minds up,” said Dearman, as the jailbird shuffled his way to the Mobile Metro County Jail in shackles and a bright yellow jumpsuit Monday.

He was extradited back to Alabama just before 7 p.m. Before disappearing behind bars, he offered three words of advice: “Don’t do drugs.”


With a cop escort on each side, the 27-year-old suspect appeared exhausted and solemn while attempting to apologize for the methamphetamine-fueled bloodbath that sought revenge for Lenata Lester daring to escape their abusive relationship.

“I love you Laneta Lester,” Dearman whined. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry to all the family members.”

He faces the death penalty if convicted in the killings of Shannon Randall, 35; Justin Reed, 23; Joseph Turner, 26; Robert Brown, 26; and Chelsea Reed, 22.

He also faces a kidnapping charge and an additional murder charge because Chelsea Reed was five-months pregnant.



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