Ashley Graham Says She Waited Until Marriage To Have Sex With Husband

For Discussion: Ashley Graham Says She Abstained From Sex So That “A Man Would Respect My Body”

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Ashley Graham Waited Until Marriage To Have Sex With Husband For “Respect”

‘Round these parts, we’re big fans of Ashley Graham. The curvy thick-thigh model is fully capable of bringing a smile to faces of both men and women, but she recently said something in ELLE Canada that made us rub our chins.

While talking about how she met her swirly cinematographer hus-bae-nd, Justin Ervin, she revealed several things that may be up for discussion between many women…

Your husband, Justin Ervin, was actually hanging out on-set with us today. You guys got married when you were 22, right?

“I was a baby! But in Nebraska, everybody is married by 22. By the time we met, I’d been travelling the world by myself [for modelling] since I was 12. I had also dated half of New York City. In other words, I had seen and done, like, a lot. And then all of a sudden I met this hot guy at church.”

What attracted you to him?

“He was different. He was consistent. He was kind. He challenged me. Also, his six-pack. We actually got married right after my Lane Bryant commercial was banned. He knows the ins and the outs of how I’ve gone from that to this. He’s just like, ‘Go, baby, go!’ I know I’m with a man who loves and respects me, not ‘The Ashley Graham.’”

Are those two different people? What happens when we leave and you’re alone in this room?

Who are you then? “I’m not that different, but I do like my quiet time. After a day of having people talk to you, touch you and give you direction, you reach a point when you say ‘Okay, time to recharge.’ I try to have 15 minutes of prayer before I go out into the world.”

Speaking of prayer, what do you believe in?

“I believe that what goes around comes around. That kindness gets you further than anything else. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When I was growing up, my parents always told me ‘Don’t have sex until you’re married,’ so I was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to go out and have a ton of sex.’ But then an ex-boyfriend made me realize that I need to respect my body and I need to have a man respect my body. It’s not for everybody, but, in order for that to happen for me, I needed to not have sex [again] until I was married. My husband and I waited; call me crazy, but it worked. Our sex is amazing! [Signature Ashley Graham laugh] It made me feel like I had the power back in my dating life. He respected me more because I wasn’t willing to just give it up. I tell my friends to wait three months. Just see if he can wait. If he can, he’s a good guy. And, again, it’s not for everybody, but for me it was great. It’s something I’m actually really proud of.”

So not only did Ashley wait until marriage to have sex with her husband, despite not waiting with other men, but a man convinced her that the way she was behaving was not respectful to her body.

We can practically hear some of you typing vehement disagreements to this train of thought as we type this post.

What do YOU think of Ashley’s comments about abstinence and men preaching to women about how to “respect” themselves?

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