Political Analyst Bae: A Gallery Of Epic Angela Rye Clapbacks And Side Eyes

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Angela Rye’s Show-Stealing Moments

If there’s one good thing to come out of this election, it’s the emergence of political analyst superstar and #bae Angela Rye. She’s been on CNN clapping back, giving side-eyes and putting old white guys in their places. It’s been beautiful to look at and enough to make us want to cry. Take a look.


Whoosh. Now before we go on to more epic moments we want to reiterate a point she’s been trying to make this election season: VOTE. Sure it may seem like hope is lost but young people need to vote and they need to vote in droves to save this country from chaos. So go out to the polls and do it!

Now, on to the regularly scheduled programming.

Why WAS he touching her, though?

The moment we fell in love

You can tell she’s going awf.

Going in on Trump.


Wait. Look at this again, though.

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    Her face, though.


    Whoooo buddy, she is giving Trump that business.


    Longer #ExhibitA video.

    Angela letting us know why Hillary is being dope

    She is constantly checking patriarchy and misogyny and chauvinism at the do’


    When she broke down the racism of the Tea Party

    When she went ALL the way in on Don King

    She really gives this guy a hard time…poor fella

    Rudy wanted NONE of Angela, boo boo.

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