BOSSIP Exclusive: NFL Star Antonio Cromartie Slaps Stepfather With Eviction Notice In Legal Battle Over Unpaid Rent

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Antonio Cromartie Says Mother And Stepfather Are Sponging Off Him

Antonio Cromartie has mounted an eviction battle against his own parents over his Florida home, and the NFL star just slapped an eviction notice on his stepfather for not paying the rent in months.

Back in August, the NFL star’s sister, LaQuinta Gardner blasted her brother for trying to evict his mother from the Florida home he bought her back in 2007.

She claimed that Cromartie served his mom, Cassandra Wilkerson, with an eviction notice and his family was furious over his actions. She said that he purchased the home and paid for everything for years but earlier this year he asked for his mom to pay $700 a month for the mortgage.


His mother allegedly refused and pointed out that he had made millions during his NFL career and the home was a gift from Antonio.

He demanded she moved out or pay $2,310 in back rent payment ASAP. His sister even set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for her mom.

Antonio fired back, saying his mother had been paying the mortgage since 2011 and that was the deal they had in place. The NFL star claimed his mom stopped making the payments in June and he couldn’t support her because he had to take care of his his 12 children . The player also said he believed his mom and her husband have enough money to pay their own bills.

But a source close to Antonio said the suit has been ongoing and although his mother and stepfather have since closed on a new house, they’ve still refused to pay the rent debt.

“They were served that notice prior to moving out of the property, but still did not or have yet to make payments,” the source told BOSSIP. “The house is now in the process of being sold.”

Antonio’s wife, Terricka – who recently gave birth to twins – waded into the fray on social media, publishing texts she said were from her mother-in-law and blasting the woman for taking financial advantage of the New York Jets player.

“I hate when people lie or try to tarnish my husband’s character,” she wrote. “What’s worse is when that person happens to be your mother. When does the extortion end?”

Recently, Antonio’s mom spoke publicly about the case, claiming she moved out of the home and the NFL star did not successfully evict her. She said she purchased a new home with her husband. However, she said she had not spoken to her son in two months due to the disagreement over the home.

Despite his mother’s claims that she has moved out of the home, Antonio has not dropped the suit.


Then last month, Antonio filed the eviction notice against his mother’s husband Ben Wilkerson in Leon County, Fl. court. The docs accuse his stepfather of screwing him out of four months rent and demand he be evicted from the home.

Antonio demanded that his stepdad write down the reasons why he should not be evicted from the pad.

The stepfather has yet to respond to the allegations in the complaint. We’ve reached out to Cassandra and Ben Wilkinson for comment.


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