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“Black Ink Crew Chicago’s” Ashley Explains Why She’s Still With Don

Sit down haters…


If you’ve been watching Black Ink Crew Chicago then you know that a paternity test confirmed that Don fathered a child with his “homie” named Whitney…


and his irate fiancee Ashley exploded over the news.

Well now Ashley’s explaining why despite Don’s cheating that led to an outside child, she’s sticking by his side.

She tells VH1 that she was stressed out about Don before the show…

“Before the show even started I was very stressed out, I was actually mad and hurt because of the things Don had did to me,” said Ashley. “All I could think about was this woman named Whitney telling me that she was pregnant by my boyfriend.”

and although she’s sticking by his side she’ll “never be cool” with his baby mama Whitney.

“Kids are a blessing and I’m not saying I condone the behavior but I did decide to keep moving forward with Don and our relationship and just be supportive of the situation. I respect that Whitney lets Don be a father to her daughter and I respect that Whitney lets me be around her daughter due to all the BS that me and her had in the past but when two women have babies by the same guy and love the same guy, it won’t ever be cool between the two. […] I don’t say anything to her.”


She made sure to add however that despite “moving forward” with her man, he CAN NOT be around the mother of his other child.

“Don can not be around Whitney, it’s not that I’m insecure. It may come off being bossy but I think it’s just making my relationship work.”

So it’s clear that Ashley doesn’t trust Whitney—but does she still trust dirty doggin’ Don?

Don Ashley

What do YOU think about Ashley’s explanation???

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Don Ashley

Don Ashley


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