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Baby Mama Says “Lets Get Married” Singer Owes $55K In Back Support

Jagged Edge singer Kyle Norman’s baby mama has had enough of waiting around for the $55,000 she’s owed in back child support, and now she has headed to court demanding the singer be thrown in jail until he coughs up the money.

Earlier this year, Tabitha Dumas sued Norman demanding an increase in the monthly support payments for their son Kye – born in 1999.

In 2008, she was awarded a default judgement against the singer, which ordered him to pay $575 a month in support.

However, she believed his income has substantially increased since the order and therefore demanded the amount be higher per month. She added he also owed her $50,750 in back support from 2008 to current.

Earlier this month, Norman blew off a court hearing in a separate legal battle filed by Georgia Department of Human Services related to the battle over child support between him and Tabitha.

The judge ordered the child support to be raised from $575 a month to $897 a month, based off his monthly income of more than $6,000.

The order explained that Norman is currently behind $53,910 for child support. The judge ordered he pay an additional $103 a month to start paying off the back support debt.


Tabitha is still pursuing her individual lawsuit against Norman.

Then on October 24th, the baby mama headed back to court and filed an amended complaint demanding Norman be thrown in jail until he pays up on the support he owes her.

She explains the back support debt total has grown to $55,397. Norman allegedly failed to pay $5,175 for the first nine months of this year and an additional $897 for support this month, according to her petition.

The baby mama accuses Norman of willfully and voluntarily failing and refusing to cough up the money for his son and she is demanding the full $55,000 owed plus attorney fees and other expenses for having to drag him to court.


Tabitha is pleading for the judge to order the singer to appear in court, order him to pay all money owed and for him to be incarcerated in the DeKalb County Jail until he purges himself of contempt – i.e. – pays the full $55,000.



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