Study Shows African And Caribbean Immigrants Are Healthier Than Black-Americans In NYC

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African And Caribbean Immigrants Are Healthier Than Black-Americans

A new study by the New York Health Department shows an alarming disparity among African/Caribbean immigrants and American born Blacks reports NY Daily News. The study claims immigrants have fewer health problems like asthma and obesity than American-born blacks.

American-born blacks are also more apt to smoke and drink than blacks who are originally from other countries, the study says.

Some 53% of American blacks labeled themselves as drinkers, compared with 44% of Caribbeans and 34% of Africans.No black group drinks as much as white New Yorkers, 70% of whom reported being drinkers, the study found.

The study shows that immigrants have better health and fewer risk factors than African-Americans including obesity statistics…

U.S.-born blacks were more likely to have high blood pressure, with a rate of 38%.

The rate was 35% among Caribbean-born New Yorkers, and 30% among Africans. The numbers are equally startling when it comes to obesity, which affects 36% of American blacks, compared with 29% of Caribbeans and 21% of Africans.


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