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Parents Work To Get Cruel Meme Of Ill 3-Year-Old Son Off The Internet

Grayson Smith has only been alive for 3 years, but he’s suffered more than most grown people 20 times his age. He was born with epilepsy, apnea, a heart defect in addition to protrusions of brain tissue through his skull.

Unfortunately, in this age of doin’ it for the ‘gram and trolling for likes and retweets, people don’t really give a f**k about no child with a debilitating disease.

In celebration of Grayson living past 2 weeks as expected, his parents created a Facebook page for him to update people on his health. Sadly, one of those photos has turned into one of the meanest memes in internet history.


Says Grayson’s mother, Jennifer to WBRC:

“I don’t even know how to express how demeaning it’s been to have someone talk about your child in that manner,” she said.

While she considered deleting Grayson’s page, she decided otherwise:

“We’re going to be better than that, we’re better than that,” Jennifer said. “Grayson’s better than that and we can overcome it.”

Some soulless people out there on the net. Hope Grayson grows up to shine on all of ’em. Jennifer is currently working to get each and every meme removed, so if you thinking about lobbing this onto your TL, expect to hear from Jennifer.

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