The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For: What Does Sherri Look Like in a Bathing Suit??

- By Bossip Staff

Check out Sherri squeeze something the size of a watermelon into something the size of a grape under the hood.

Not too bad considering photoshop and extra Lycra are on full duty. Sherri showed off her new body here for People Magazine but she plans to torture us all by strutting her stuff on the View for a live viewing audience.  Is hell frozen yet?

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  • http://bossip Whoa! aka Toot-it-up!

    Oh yea, 1st. 😆

  • jjones

    BAD BUILT LIKE A MUFKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fee


  • mojojojo


  • SG


  • fee

    WHOMP!!! WHOMP!!!! WTHIT??? SHORT FOR, What the hell is that???? LMFAO

  • PO10TiAL

    Nothing wrong with trying to better yourself.. Big Ups to her.

  • Speaking the truth...

    She needs to get a breast reduction to look right.

  • JB (Green Bay? I'll take it)

    Da hell? Ok size 6? Maybe shoes

  • pat

    this woman is a size 6 where???? at a big girl convention??

  • Speaking the truth...

    She may be a six in the hips but she is an 26/28 basically a 1X or 2X for women up top.

  • $$$=God in USA

    Congrats… it takes a lot to lose weight!!!


    She need a breast reduction, I do not see why people who have the body shape of an apple actually do not try and work on reducing how big they are on top. Queen Latifah too. Ugh. Take some of that meat off the top and stick in the back.

  • JUDY

    Oh well……it is what it is.Its hard to believe Sherry is a size six, but if she is it is definitely her bottom half.

  • Daphne

    Size 6?! I say 10, on the bottom, maybe. At least she was motivated to get healthy. That’s always a good thing.

  • DJ

    That ain’t no size 6! My girl size 10 and she ain’t nowhere that big! LMAO


    She look like she could take a pounding wid a smile 🙂

  • frch blck chick

    lol she has the body of an average Mexican woman.

  • ShampooPressNCurl

    Dead @ “Sheri is shaped look like the Tazmanian Devil”. Just deal I tell ya. But that’s real spit, her bust is too big/wide for her smaller bottom. If she like it, I love it!!!


    She got some nice legs.

  • G_Smooth1

    Bullshit. CAN U SAY PHOTO-SHOP. Looking like she hulk .

  • disgusting

    she has such a disgusting body. I hate when women are top heavy like this. they look like line backers.

  • 1 Sharp Lady (314 to Sunny Diego)

    @ Whoa
    LOL!! Totally agreed girl!

    I definitely don’t believe she’s a 6. She’s not even a 6 below….but it’s good she lost some weight. Stay motivated!

  • t

    she looks like she’s about to fall over

  • disgusting

    frch blck chick

    you are a f*cking idiot. mexicans arent shaped like that, I am mexican and I dont know ppl like that, my sisters and my family are tall and lean standing at 6′, 6’1″ what if I said all black people look like sheri sheppard or like tameka foster or like fantasia. you are such an idiot. get a life b-tch

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