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Empower Your People: 25 Woke Shows On Netflix Right Now

As we face some dark days, it’s more important than ever to stay positive and stay woke. The media we consume holds more power than you might think.

Here we’ve compiled a list of empowering films and shows that portray black actors in a meaningful and way.

Flip the script to see what’s streaming just in time for Black History Month.


1. CRU

Drama Film: The same tragedy that divides four high school friends will reunite them nearly two decades later. 



3. Chewing Gum

Tv Comedy: At 24 years old, Tracey Gordon realizes she doesn’t know as much about life as she thought. This series is follows her through her hilarious journey of life-education.




4. The African Doctor

Film, International Comedy: A newly graduated Congolese doctor moves to a small French village where everyone including himself experiences culture shock at its finest.



5. The Get Down

Tv, Musical Drama: A group of friends tell their stories through the exploration of a new art form just as the disco era dies in late 70s New York City.


6. Trevor Noah: African American

Film, Comedy Stand-up: Mixed race comedian Trevor Noah describes his journey from South Africa to America and the complications of race in the states.

7. Lee Daniel’s: The Butler 

Film, Drama: Oscar winning actor, Forest Whitaker portrays a White House butler who served under eight presidencies. The film follows his years of back house experience along with those of his families and friends.

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8. Kevin Heart: I’m A Grown Little Man

Film, Comedy Stand-up: Footage of a live Kevin Hart stand up show where he discusses the growing pains of his journey in the most animated and authentic way.


9. What Happened, Simone? 

Film, Documentary: A biographical commentary about the life of the legendary American singer, Nina Simone.


10. Yelling To The Sky

Film, Drama: Zoe Kravitz plays a teenager struggling between her creative dreams and the survival of her violent surroundings.





11. Middle Of Nowhere

Film, Drama: After she is separated from her husband, former medical student Ruby is forced to focus on a path to self discovery.


12. Cedric The Entertainer: Live From The Ville

Film, Comedy Standup: Comedian Cedric The Entertainer makes his way back to the stage to take on topics like aging, gigantic children, pop culture and music.


13. Dope

Film, Drama: Following the story of a nerdy and curious high school senior surviving a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles neighborhood.


14. Eddie Murphy: Delirious

Film, Comedy Stand-up: The uncensored and opinionated 1983 live comedy show that catapulted Eddie Murphy to stardom.


15. Being Mary Jane

Tv, Drama: Gabrielle Union plays the young and successful, Mary Jane who is searching for love in all the wrong places.


16. Crazyhead

Tv, International Comedy: A British Tv series that blends science fiction with feminism as these two women battle evil.


17. Real Husbands of Hollywood

TV, Comedy: This sarcastic comedy is the fakest reality show you’ll ever find and is actually modeled after the Real Housewives series.

18. Hannibal Buress: Comedy Camisado

Film, Comedy Stand-up: Hannibal offers up his unique brand of humor.


19. Girlhood

Film, Drama: A French Film that follows the story and hardships of a teenager living in a rough neighborhood on the outskirts of Paris.

20. Richard Pryor: Live In Concert

Film, Comedy Stand-up: Influential Comedian Richard Pryor performs his stand-up taped in 1970s.

21. 13th

Film, Documentary: A meaningful documentary exploring the history of systematic discrimination, racism and mass incarceration.


22. Luther

Tv, Drama: A passionate detective played by Idris Elba, who uses his psychological intelligence to hunt down criminals.


23.  Barry 

Film, Drama: Long before his presidency Barack Obama moves to New York City as a college student struggling to find himself while balancing his relationship with family.


24. Beverly Hills Cop

Film, Action Thriller: Eddie Murphy plays a street smart police officer from Detroit who heads to California to solve a murder that hit closer to home than usual.


25. Scandal

Tv, Drama: Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington portrays the complicated and scandalous life of a former media consultant to the president.


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