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“I sacrificed my own dreams to be with you, that’s love. I lost myself in the s***,”—Dutchess

Dutchess Talks Ceaser Breakup On Bossip’s Podcast

After telling Bossip’s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast that she’s still in love with her ex Ceaser and responding to rumors that he had a baby with a side chick, a tearful Dutchess Lattimore told David, Dani and Jah why she initially stayed in her “unhealthy relationship.”

According to Dutch even after Cease was caught in bed with a woman he had unprotected sex with, they reconciled because she “felt like she had to be there.”

“I said I wasn’t gonna cry, you done took me to a place,” said Dutchess. “When you have the weight of everybody constantly on you, everybody’s like ‘oh y’all signify black love,’ I felt like I was obligated to be in that relationship for as long as I did. Cause I was not happy before now. I sacrificed. When I came to New York I had graduated college–I was serious about what I wanted to accomplish for my life.


Falling in love and being in that relationship, I felt like I had to be there. I had to go through it. Not knowing that I’m going home crying every day. Not knowing that I”m going through s*** that a normal woman wouldn’t go through. Me and Cease could get into a fight and be fighting till 4:00 in the morning and then get up at 9:00 to go film. My n*** that is the hardest s*** in the world. […]

They want you to sit in an interview and say all these amazing things about how amazing the man that you’re going to marry is and how much he loves you—but when you go home you don’t feel that? That’s a f****d up way to live your life. […] Me trying to keep myself emotionally safe made me stay in an unhealthy relationship.”

She also shared her thoughts on Ceaser dragging her through the mud and pettily wearing the “free” engagement ring he gave her.

“I expected it so when it happened it was like ‘oh, damn. This n***a really did that s***.’ […] You don’t see me out with another n***, whether f I’m fronting or it’s 100 but you wanna do that s*** to me. For what? Live your life. You’re making me more and more numb. You not getting no more tears. I’m all f**** cried out.”



The DBS podcast crew also asked Dutchess if she was ready to move on. According to the tattoo artist/business owner who said she’s single, she considered not dating again until she’s a millionaire.

“I’mma tell you the honest to God truth, I said I wasn’t gonna date again till I had $1 million in my account,” said Dutchess. “To a country girl from North Carolina that’s a lot, if I could do that for myself while loving myself then I will definitely be able to open myself up again to another man loving me. I gave myself a year.”


Interestingly enough, Dutchess was spotted this week on vacation with 21-year-old Carolina Panther Zack Sanchez. According to Dutch they met earlier this year.

Oh really???

Listen to Dutchess on Don’t Be Scared below.


More on the flip.

Dutchess and Zack Sanchez were spotted getting close and kissing while partying together.

What do YOU think about Dutchess’ maybe new bae???




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