Erika D Responds To Rumors She And Samantha Plotted Against Yandy

What Bitter Baby Mama? Erika D Tells The Truth About Her & Samantha’s ‘Plot’ Against Yandy

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Rumor control…

Erika D Responds To Rumors She And Samantha Plotted Against Yandy

One of Mendeecees’ baby mamas gave an unfiltered interview on what really went down between her and his “wife.”

Erika D who Mendeecees tried to ether from jail during the Love & Hip Hop reunion, was a recent guest on the “2 Queens From Queens” podcast with hosts Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of 50 Cent’s estranged son, and Liza Morales who has two kids with her ex-husband Lamar Odom.

And while there, Erika told the truth about those messy taped conversations between her and Mendeecees’ other baby mama Samantha that leaked. As previously reported Yandy Smith heard from a woman named Koko who alleged that the ladies were crafting a “bitter baby mama plot” against her to ruin her relationship.

“I have recorded conversations,” said KoKo. “This girl Erika would literally sit on the phone and try to come up with ways to sabotage you. Like ‘Operation Yandy.'”

Mendeecees' baby mama

According to Erika however, the plot story is a lie and KoKo betrayed Samantha by leaking the convos to Yandy. Furthermore, everything that was said was the truth.On the taped conversation for the “bitter baby mama plot”:

“It was foul, if it wasn’t for that tape, they wouldn’t have had a storyline against me. You can’t find no dirt on me, you can’t find nothing to say I’mmma slide. […]

Samantha and I were having conversations—it’s an open conversation wit the person you’re on the phone with. So you’re unfiltered. This is what it is. Samantha is not the one who put the tapes out, Yandy put the tapes out. She got ’em from KoKo.

For all I know Yandy sent KoKo in from the jump. Samantha was having conversations with me, she recorded every convo that came through on her phone. she sent them to KoKo believing she was this publicist, this person who was gonna help her do whatever.

They had some kinda falling out, Koko sent the tapes to Yandy. There’s plenty of things in there that would’ve really made Yandy look bad. You never heard those things played. Yandy played what she wanted to play, there was never anything in there about plotting against her. There was the truth in there about things we know. […]

Honestly, if they would’ve played what I said about Yandy I wouldn’t have cared. I wouldn’t have gave a good damn because it was the absolute truth.

On rumors the tapes exposed cheating:

“It was the absolute truth, it was nothing about no cheating. I could catch Mendeecees red-handed with somebody, I’m not gonna tell. I could catch Yandy red-handed and I’m not gonna tell. It’s not my business.”

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On Yandy using the tapes to make her and Samantha look bad:

“I guess she was afraid that that stuff would have come out. So she spun it around like ‘Oh they were plotting to say that I was doing x, y & z,” but you were. This is not a lie.”

On rumors she made a fake page to troll Yandy:

Yandy created the page. I will never create a fake page, I would never hide. I want you to know it’s coming from me. We were all in court for him. His mother asked me, ‘can a publicist put up a picture of my son.’ I said, ‘what kind of picture?’ I’m like it’s fine if you do that but I do not want Yandy putting up pictures of my son. I see what she did to Samantha, meaning she takes these pictures and acts like she’s raising these kids just because she has a couple of pictures of them. […]

I didn’t make the fake page. I went to tell her to take down a picture of my son. When i went to her page to tell her, I saw that I was blocked. So I made a page called “Erika Deshazo”, my name, this is me. ‘Remove my son’s picture down, because you blocked my other page.’ She took the picture down and that was that.

On Yandy creating her own fake page:

“Yandy got busted making a fake page. He called from jail to tell her to cut her s*** on these blogs and stop making fake pages with his baby mamas. She kept putting stuff on talking about ‘you mad’ and he called her and spazzed out on her. I knew it was her because the things she was saying, nobody knew.”

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