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Amber Rose Say This Is Why She Likes Being Called A “Slut”

After already speaking to college students about her “Hoechella” outfit, Amber Rose spoke candidly on calling herself a “slut.”

As previously reported Amber was in Atlanta last week at Clark Atlanta University for the Know Your Status (#KYST) tour alongside Nina Parker, Don Benjamin, Jacquees and others for a panel stressing the importance of knowing your HIV/STD status.

While there, a student told Amber that a friend of his was bashing her for being a “slut” and Amber calmly explained to him why she didn’t mind the term and has used it to promote female empowerment.

“For me, I became famous, I didn’t ask for this s***. I dated a famous guy and I was like, ‘Oh damn I’m famous I gotta figure this out,'” said Rose. “What happened to me was like, ‘Damn yo, she was the same restaurant as that dude–she’s f**** him’ “I felt myself constantly tweeting and trying to explain myself and I was like , ‘You know what? It’s never gonna go away.'”

“I’ve constantly dealt with that because I’m beautiful,” added Rose. “I was blessed with beauty–it’s a gift and a curse. If I hang out with guys they always thought that I was having sex with them. So now I take the bullying, the derogatory labeling and I refer to myself as a slut. When you look at my Instagram and see that I call Coachella “Hoechella”, I’m embracing that s*** because they’re gonna think that I f***ed everybody anyway.”

Sit down haterssssssss!

Moderated by Karen Civil, the Atlanta #KYST tour stop included info on taking the proper precautions to avoid contracting STDs and gave CAU students tips on positive sexual health habits as they move into adulthood.

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Paras Griffin/Getty Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation



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