Phaedra Parks Speaks On Allegation That She Started Kandi Rumor

#RHOA Phaedra Responds To Porsha’s Allegation That She Started The Dungeon Drugging Rumor

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Fix it Jesus…

Phaedra Parks Speaks On Allegation That She Started Kandi Burruss Rumor

Phaedra Parks is speaking on the explosive moment when she was “exposed” on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion. If you tuned in Sunday then you no doubt saw Phaedra sit stone-faced as her “Frick” Porsha Williams threw her under the bus for allegedly starting the rumor that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker wanted to drug her to take advantage of her in their “sex dungeon.”

“I was served a cease and desist by Kandi, and I no longer can speak on the subject,” said Porsha. “What I want to do is have Phaedra speak because she’s the one who told me that Kandi said that.”

Now Phaedra’s speaking out and being defiant. According to the RHOA star, she’s too busy with her jobs to be caught up in gossip. Furthermore, someone and her family can’t stop talking about her. Hi, Kandi!

“It’s funny to think that I have any additional time to be caught up in gossip,” the 43-year-old reality star told PEOPLE. “I have several jobs, as we know, and I have two small children. But I think everyone always has to blame someone.”

“I’m sure the footage speaks for itself,” she continued. “My every scene is not talking about anyone on the show except for what’s going on in my personal life. Others can’t stop mentioning me. Their whole family mentions me. They’re whole staff mentions me. It’s just endless mentioning of me!”

She also added that her character “speaks for itself” (Bye Frick!) and she wants to be used as a “vessel” for empowerment.

“Sometimes, if people don’t have anything concrete, they just attack your character,” Parks told PEOPLE. “But my character speaks for itself. Anyone who knows me knows I’m very gracious, I’m very helpful. And a lot of the things I do for people, you never see it on camera. Because that is not my intention to get praise for it. My intention is to be a vessel and be used for the purpose of empowering people.”

The southern belle has spoken.

So if Phaedra didn’t say it, then “who said that” (Porsha voice)?!

More of Phaedra defending her character on the flip.

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