Exclusive: Music Label Exec’s Wife Details Open Marriage With Two “Sister Wives” In New Book

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Akia Brown Said Her Open Marriage Brought Her & Her Husband Closer Together

A woman who shares her husband with two sister wives has opened up about her unusual lifestyle in a new book.

Akia Brown just released “Beyond Love,” a memoir of her time in an open marriage with her husband, Brian Maurice Brown, the CEO of BMB Entertainment, and their two wife-in-laws.

Brown said love comes in all types and being in an open and honest relationship with her husband and their wife-in-laws has been the key to them staying together for nearly 20 years.

The mother of six said she decided to write the book after people kept asking her about her open marriage and how she was able to make it work. The secret, she said, is all down to honesty.

“I want the readers to read the book with an open mind,” Brown told BOSSIP. “At the end of the day, everybody just wants to be loved, and when people love someone unconditionally and if you’re honest enough to say, ‘This is what’s happening.’ if they are open and honest enough, you have to be at least open to accepting it.”

Brown said her husband tells her everything about his intimate relationships, which have produced two children. She explained that her husband is a giving and caring man with a lot of love to give, and she’s fine with him having other intimate relationships with women so long as he’s honest about what goes down. As part of their open marriage, Brown said she is also able to have boyfriends, though she said her husband was enough for her.

“The real meaning of this book is unconditional love,” Brown said.

She added: “I really wrote the book for women’s empowerment and let them know your past does not define the future,” Brown said. “We all go through things relationship wise, and you need to use them as stepping stones. The real purpose of the book is open communication and honesty.”

Brown will have her story hit the TV screens later this year for the Lifetime reality show “Detroit Dynasty,” which will focus on her and her husband’s music projects and their unconventional lifestyle.

She acknowledged that an open marriage isn’t for everyone, but she added that the level of honesty and communication in her relationship has kept it together.

“Don’t just let the love of your life go because of what society says,” Brown said, “let that go and just live your life.”

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