New Movie: TAKERS… Photo-Shop at its Finest

- By Bossip Staff

T.I. definitely had a plan for his face to stay in the media and for that money to keep flowing while on lock down. This new movie that he’s in has a lot of heavy hitters (no pun intended): Chris Brown, Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana, Michael Ealy, Paul Walker and more. All the money was put into the movie because they photo-shopped the hell out of this movie poster.

Hit or Miss…

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  • ThAtLaDy22


  • Goddess☀iLy

    for some reason T.I looks like a old man in that pic.

    but anything Idris and Mike in I must

  • Bay.beeFace

    I know I’m going to see that!

  • The Bootlegger

    Hell Yeh, I’m a bootleg the hell out of this one. Money, money, money, money.

  • Re

    T.I is breathin up all the damn air with that photoshopped to death nose.

    I fire the editor.

  • Tony Redds ( I got luv for the ladies of Memphis!

    Saw the previews yesterday. It looks decent. Ima see it…

  • Awesome-O-3000 (Feeling better about the ACC)

    This flick looks hot

  • as seen on t.v.

    It looks like a younger hotter version of Heat…Same concept…

  • Alrighty Then... (why do all of the "men" on Bossip argue w/ females?)

    @as seen on t.v. – dude in your gravie from CSI Miami is a hottie too!

  • Alrighty Then... (why do all of the "men" on Bossip argue w/ females?)

    @THE TRUTH _ Pretty brown eyes – I gotta thing for Michael Ealy something fierce! He kinda reminds me of my hubby back in the day. Same haircut, eyes, and color. I don’t go for light skin either, not sure how that’s where I ended up! lol! But yes, Stringer Bell, I mean Idris! Is super-fine!

  • Shannon O.

    Wow! I will not wait for the DVD! I think I will go ahead and spend a lil something to see this! A lot of good looking guys in this one! But I will let you know if I should have waited on the DVD! Hope I see some skin while I be entertained! Yep!

  • SteelCityChick

    Looks like a waste of money…..but I’ll waste it just to look at my husband Idris Alba and my side piece, Matt Dillon…!!!

  • Stacey

    Some of you people need a reality check, just because you don’t won’t see chris brown, doesn’t mean the whole world doesn’t. This dude still have fans, just like T.I., R.Kelly, & Mike V. get over it. The show will go on with or without you.

  • KayKay

    @ Trevon

    Exactly! I co-sign all the damn way.

  • KayKay

    @ Stacey

    Co-sign. Get over it, that boy aint going no damn wear so prepare to put your blinders on!!

  • KayKay


  • Ummmmmm....

    (((Gasp))) WTH?!

    All three in the front look like bobbleheads. How do you take a line up of fine men and FAIL terribly like that??

  • GTFOH With the DUMB

    This will be a hit. Out of courosity, because of the genre and the Eye Candy.

    There will be more going than not because there is a taste of man for everyone. If your sensibilities are hurt because of Chris Brown…oh the hell well. Stand out there and shout like the idiots that you are, you won’t stop the show. You’ll make folks want to see it even more.

    Do the same for his cd that will go platinum because of you too…I’m sure, he’ll include you in his thank yous. lmao

  • JuJuBee

    I’m so happy Idris Elba gets to keep his accent in this one.

  • GTFOH With the DUMB


  • http://bossip dasykoticone1

    lol@ummmmm…i was thinking the same thing, especially ti. his head looks like a balloon being squeezed!

  • Crazy4Idris

    Gosh Idris! You are sooooo fine. Mmm mmm mmm.

  • Obama is my man

    Who cares…let the black and Hispanic men make some money too.


    Yeah someone needs to get fired on this one. They dont’ even look like themselves. I couldn’t tell that was Chris Brown or TI. I had to read the top where the names were listed. That’s a damn shame to photo shop a poster that much.

  • barb

    Anything with Idris Elba and Michael Ealy is gone be da bomb!!! GODDAMN!!!!

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