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Cardi B Speaks On Her Bentley Truck

Before Cardi B copped her $240K Bodak Borange Bentley she explained to her team why she needed the pricey vehicle. Cardi was recently profiled by The New York Times before a concert and in the story, she briefly mentions “this boy she’s dating” [Offset], as well as her love for red bottoms (a.k.a. bloody shoes) and early beginnings as a “roach.”

Things got especially interesting however when writer Joanna Nikas recalled a phone convo Cardi had with her father about possibly purchasing a Bentley Betayga S.U.V. with “peanut butter” interior.

When her entourage asks her why she needs the super pricey car that she CAN’T EVEN DRIVE, Cardi’s reasoning is simple; she’s a rapper so she needs the car, license be damned.

She took out her phone and called her father to discuss a car she was about to buy: an orange Bentley Bentayga S.U.V. as she described it.

“To drive around Manhattan?” asked another member of her entourage, Marsha St. Hubert, a senior vice president of urban marketing at Atlantic Records. “To drive around Manhattan?”

“I am a rapper,” Cardi B said. “I need this car.”

Ms. Foster pointed out that she didn’t have a driver’s license.

“I don’t know how to drive,” Cardi B admitted.

Do your thing Belcalis.

Cardi’s Bentley is STILL getting folks in their feelings and people are defending her from critics who think the purchase was frivolous.

What are your thoughts on Cardi’s Bodak Borange Bentley???

Cardi B is ignoring the controversy surrounding her car, instead, she’s promoting the Spanish version of Bodak Yellow.

Cardi and her boo Offset both have Bentleys and she wants to race him in hers.

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