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Sometimes Kevin Durant’s Gotta Defend Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has spent a lot of his time recently being ridiculed by fans who think his decision to trade to Golden State in order to win a championship was the wrong one. Every day people on Twitter, Instagram, and on the streets constantly berate KD with questions about the decision and just plainly tell him he isn’t really an amazing player if he has to leave his team to join one with better prospects.

A while back after the trade, Kev has stopped responding to all the negative comments coming his way, when before that he was heavily into responding to anyone who tweeted in his direction. It turns out, however, that Kevin WAS still replying to those negative comments, just not from his own account. Some questionable screenshots of Durant referring to himself in the third person made some people believe that he has alternative accounts where he defends his own decisions to fans, and that turns out to be true.



People also found Instagram accounts in which family members tagged KD as alternative accounts, which could be seen commenting in defense of Durant from the third person, as well. Though his cover was most definitely blown, Kevin could have easily avoided the situation and played it off like someone on his team was orchestrating this for him…but for some reason, he came clean.

Durant apologized for account saying:  “I do have another Instagram account, but that’s just for friends and family, so I wouldn’t say I was using that to clap back at anybody. But I use Twitter to engage with the fans, I think it’s a great way to engage with basketball fans, but I happened to take it a little too far, and that’s what happens sometimes when I get into these basketball debates, or what I really love, which is to play basketball.”

Of course, the best part of all of this ridiculousness is how NBA fans reacted to finding out their Finals MVP spends his free time responding to haters on the internet with fake accounts. Hit the flip to see some of the funniest reactions to KD’s poor job of laying low:



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