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Omari Hardwick Claps At Swirl Hater

Omari Hardwick posted up a photo showing his adoration and friendship with his pal Tank whilst referring to Colin Kaepernick. The Kaep reference seemed to confuse one IG troll, who advised Ghost to not get involved in matters of the colored.

IG user “sbbaby1” wrote him a bible.

  • sbbaby1@omarihardwickofficial I want to start by saying you are a phenomenal actor. I have been watching Power (up to 402 so far) and they cast you perfectly. You are TRULY talented. I have gotten in a number of convos/arguments about race this week and have since made my fb page a NO race page because it was taking all my time going back and forth with people about it. Race and the issues surround it are issues that people are pretty set in their ways about… people feel how they feel and I get that. What I wanted to say to you after this comment was: you are married to a white woman and have 2(3) mixed (not black) children with blonde hair and very light skin. (I really like your sons name btw!) Wouldn’t it be better, instead of supporting people based on the color of their skin, and further dividing people to pick sides, to just support people period? Regardless of colors. There are many causes, many valid angles, many people (of all shades and backgrounds) who need support. Why not just be the best human being possible, kind to everyone, supportive of causes that you deem fit… and not make it about the color of people’s skin?!

Omari didn’t let her fly with her backhanded “all lives should matter to you cuz you’re in a swirl comment.” Check out his response:

Fall back, and godspeed ho.


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